Project update March 2022

Thank you to everyone who participated we reached over 1,900 people through this project with 1,095 participants providing direct input. Direct outreach made sure participants included a diverse range of voices, local interest groups, organisations, local business and service providers and Gleadell Street Market Stall holders.

Who did we hear from?

What did we hear?

As a conversation starter we provided two streetscape options to consider. One involved significant removal of carparking to reimagine a more people friendly, civic space for Gleadell Street. The other involved minimal removal of carparking with some street upgrades, greenery and people spaces.

Analysis of your feedback was undertaken independently by Chatterbox projects who have provided a detailed engagement report. The report showed a strongly divided vision for Gleadell Street with no clear preference for either model. However, looking at feedback as a whole, there was clear direction for a range of improvements to the street.

Two very clear overall priorities:

  • More trees, greenery and shade; and
  • Retaining car parking spaces.

Other themes to note:

  • Making the street more user/pedestrian friendly,
  • Wanting less cars in the street and reduced parking,
  • Supporting and protecting the Gleadell Street Market,
  • Providing spaces for people to sit and gather.

Trees, greenery and shade

This theme had the highest number of comments and was the most popular suggestion for how to make the street more community friendly.

“More shade and greenery.”
“Increased greenery makes the street more appealing.”
“Tree planting on both sides.”

Car parking

Had the second highest number of comments and was the main element not supported on Idea A

“People drive and need parking space. They will park in side streets causing more problems if spaces are removed.”
“Removing 60 parking spaces will be detrimental to the entire area.”
“This is a sporting precinct which needs more parking, not less.”

There was also though a moderate amount of feedback that contradicted this, where people preferred less parking and less cars and a more pedestrian friendly space.

“I love all the extra space for people, trees and community that is created by the removal of all the car parks. Fantastic!”
“Wider foot paths less car parks so would be less car traffic.”
“Cars seem to have a preference in a local back street. This should be for community members to walk and enjoy.”

User and pedestrian friendly

This included support for the street being more accessible, having wider footpaths, and safer and improved crossings.

“Trees and pedestrian access making a safer and more welcoming space.”
“Wider footpaths in one area. Encourages pedestrian activation of the space.
"Improved crossings at each end of the street.”

Gleadell Street Market

There were many comments from the community about the importance of the Gleadell Street Market and ensuring it is protected and supported.

"Anything that impacts the viability of the market to function.”
“No market, no sense of community getting together. We need to support local businesses more, especially after a pandemic.”
“Please do not impact the market, focus on other streets.”

Spaces for people to sit and gather

Support for more spaces to sit and gather included comments about more seating/ rest areas and creating inviting spaces for people to relax, meet and socialise.

"Create a plaza / piazza / pedestrian mall.”
“Seating and gathering areas proposal as it isn't that welcome for non-shoppers during market times.”
“Lots of trees and areas to sit.”
"Gleadell Street is not a destination street. People don't come to spend time in the street."

Read the full report.


We have noted the clear message that retaining car parking is important but you would also like to see more trees, greenery and shade, a more people and pedestrian friendly street with places to sit. The Gleadell Street Market will continue to receive Council's full support.

We will continue to work with key stakeholders and the local community to ensure opportunities to green the street and create a more inviting, people friendly location can be achieved as budget becomes available.

Key priorities will be:

  • the logistical and operational needs of the stakeholders in the street;
  • efficient and ongoing operation of the market;
  • maximising the opportunities for trees and greenery; and
  • minimising the reduction in car parking.

In 2021 the conversation was started with ideas for Gleadell Street

There are opportunities to improve and transform this special place by:

  • increasing greenery and shade by planting more trees
  • creating safer areas for pedestrians and bike riders
  • providing high quality spaces
  • making it a place where the Gleadell Street Market can thrive into the future.

Some food for thought

To get the conversation started, we've developed two ideas for your feedback:

You can also see how the street might look on market day.

Before and after

See how the ideas might look in reality.

Project timeline

  • Timeline item 1 - complete

    Bridge Road Streetscape Masterplan

    We engaged with you in 2017 on the Bridge Road Streetscape Masterplan, including the town hall and Gleadell Street precincts.

  • Timeline item 2 - complete

    Background work

    In 2019 we spoke to key stakeholders in the precinct and undertook technical studies to inform the scope of the project. However, the project was put on hold due to COVID-19.

  • Timeline item 3 - complete

    Testing ideas

    We're now seeking your input and feedback on two ideas. We plan to report back on what we heard and next steps in early 2022.

  • Timeline item 4 - active

    Reviewing your feedback

    November 2021

  • Timeline item 5 - incomplete

    Draft concept design

    We'll develop and share a draft concept design for your feedback, informed by your thoughts on the initial ideas.

    We'll report back to you on the outcomes at the end of this stage.

  • Timeline item 6 - incomplete

    Final concept design

    We'll finalise the concept design based on your feedback.

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