A rare opportunity for Collingwood

Collingwood has the least amount of open space out of all Yarra's suburbs, with just three square metres of open space for every square kilometre of land. This means less places for people to enjoy fresh air and sunlight, and for children to play.

It's our chance to change this

We have an opportunity to create more open space in Collingwood through the Victorian Government's Local Parks Program. They've given us funding to explore improvements at two locations in Yarra:

  • an extension of Cambridge Street Reserve
  • a new park in Otter Street, near the Smith Street intersection.

It’s your neighbourhood – get involved!

We want to hear from you before any design thinking begins. What ideas do you have for this new space? How would you like to use an expanded park? What benefits, opportunities and challenges should we consider?

To get the ball rolling earlier this year, we asked if you had any questions or feedback about the project. We received some great questions and ideas, which we've added to the Q&As on this page.

Have your say

There are a few ways you can participate:

  • Share your ideas (and comment on others) on the board below. We've populated this with some of your fantastic ideas from earlier in the year.
  • Take the survey if you want to give us more thorough feedback.
  • Email info@yarracity.vic.gov.au.
  • Call us on 9205 5555 for a chat.

You're welcome to have your say on both parks. Find out more about the Otter Street project.

Take the survey

Share your thoughts about the project. The survey closes Friday 18 September 2020.