Feedback on this consultation is closed. Thank you for sharing your thoughts on this project.

Construction is now underway to improve and expand Cambridge Street Reserve.

The construction area involves closing sections of the road and pavements on Cambridge Street. This means there is no through access from Langridge Street to Peel Street and vice versa, however pedestrian access to businesses along this strip is still available.

Thank you to all who have participated in the process to date. At its meeting on 6 December 2022 Council passed a resolution to discontinue Cambridge Street at the intersection of Peel Street to expand the existing park.

Construction works are anticipated to run until the middle of 2023. However, timelines may change due to unforeseen circumstances out of our control such as weather conditions and material delays etc.

For any queries about the construction program. Please contact the open space team via or 9205 5555

This program has been funded by the Victorian Government through the Local Parks Program.

About the project

November 2021

Thanks to everyone who had a say on our draft concept plan for Cambridge Street Reserve. We received over 170 pieces of feedback from a diverse section of the local community.

What we heard
  • You like the proposed lawn area.
  • You were mostly supportive of the proposed road closure to make more room for open space.
  • You had some concerns about potential barbeque smells, so we’ve removed barbeques from the final design.
  • You told us you want to see traditional play equipment in the park, so we’ve included some in the final design.
  • You told us you really like the plaza area, plants and trees and shady and open areas.

We’re also including extra amenities that were popular in the feedback received, including a drinking fountain, dog water bowl, bike facilities, exercise equipment and more lighting.

We also heard requests for basketball courts, skate park, phone charging and public toilets, but these are unable to be delivered within the constraints of the park.

The idea for the public art sculpture evolved from the community feedback and reflects the manufacturing history of the area and a close community. The work is still being developed, but is indicatively shown in the Final Concept Plan.

Read the Stage 3 consultation report.

A rare opportunity to create Collingwood's biggest park

Collingwood has the least amount of open space out of all Yarra's suburbs, with just three square metres of open space for every square kilometre of land. This means less places for people to enjoy fresh air and sunlight, and for children to play.

By expanding Cambridge Street Reserve, we will be able to offer you:

  • More space to gather, have picnics, play or just relax.
  • Opportunity to enjoy sunlight during cooler days, and shade on warmer days.
  • More options for play, through open lawn space as well as sculptural play structures.
  • Improved safety and visibility due to more open space.
  • Improved access, including from Peel Street and neighbouring apartments.

Find out more about why it's important to offer Collingwood more open space.

It's our chance offer you more open space

We have an opportunity to create more open space in Collingwood through the Victorian Government's Local Parks Program. They've given us funding to explore improvements at two locations in Yarra:

  • an extension of Cambridge Street Reserve
  • a new park in Otter Street, near the Smith Street intersection.

Road discontinuance

Thank you for providing your feedback on our proposal to discontinue the road at Cambridge Street Reserve to create more public open space. At its meeting on 6 December 2022 Council passed a resolution to discontinue Cambridge Street at the intersection of Peel Street to expand the existing park.

You were able to make a written submission on the proposed road closure by Friday 14 October 2022.