A rare opportunity for Collingwood

Collingwood has the least amount of open space out of all Yarra's suburbs, with just three square metres of open space for every square kilometre of land. This means less places for people to enjoy fresh air and sunlight, and for children to play.

It's our chance to change this

We have an opportunity to create more open space in Collingwood through the Victorian Government's Local Parks Program. They've given us funding to explore improvements at two locations in Yarra:

  • a new park in Otter Street, near the Smith Street intersection.
  • an extension of Cambridge Reserve (find out more).

What we've heard so far

Thanks to everyone who had their say on this opportunity via our survey in late 2020.

Overall findings

Most of you liked the idea of a pocket park in Otter Street. You told us a pocket park would provide a place for local residents to enjoy, and saw it as an opportunity to provide more trees and greenery. Most people say they want the new park to be a space to sit and relax and for people to come together; a space that would make the neighbourhood friendlier and greener.

A smaller number of people had some concerns over the potential for increased congestion in the surrounding road network if Otter Street was closed to make way for a park. Some people also raised concerns around community safety.

Read more

You can read a complete summary of feedback by viewing the Otter Street Stage 2 consultation report.

Next steps

We will come back to you with a draft Concept Plan that you can comment on in early 2021. There will be further opportunities for you to provide feedback on this plan and shape the final space.

Why Collingwood?

Take a look at why this area is priority when it comes to more open space.