We’re in the early stages of developing our 2020/21 budget, and we want to hear from you.

Each year, we develop an annual budget which outlines how we will deliver everyday, high quality services and programs to our community.

This covers everything from rubbish and recycling collection, roads, parks and infrastructure upgrades, libraries and leisure centres, services for people at all stages of life and much more.

We'll be making sure that our 2020/21 budget is financially responsible and continues to build on the solid foundation of previous years' budgets.

Your feedback will help to inform our draft budget. The draft budget will be developed in early 2020, and released for community feedback in April 2020. At this time you will be invited to make a formal submission to the draft budget.

Tell us your budget priorities and ideas below by Tuesday 31 December 2019.

Our budget goals

In developing the budget, we’re guided by the goals outlined in our 2017-2021 Council Plan. These goals are:

Community health, safety and wellbeing are a focus in everything we do.

Inclusion, diversity and uniqueness are welcomed, respected and celebrated.

We are leaders in sustainability and we protect and enhance our natural environment.

Development and growth are managed to maintain and enhance the character and heritage of the city.

Local businesses prosper and creative and knowledge industries thrive.

Connectivity and travel options are environmentally sustainable, integrated and well-designed.

Transparency, performance and community participation drive the way we operate.

Have your say

There's a number of ways that you can have your say:


Tell us what kind of projects we should prioritise, and also how we should decide which projects to fund.


Share your budget ideas and tell us how your idea relates to our budget goals.


If you prefer to upload your feedback in document format, you can do so below.


Our annual budget is about $220 million. The vast majority of this amount is pre-committed to funding community services, programs and infrastructure projects through our 4-year Council Plan and Long Term Financial Strategy. Both these plans were developed with extensive community consultation.

Some of the essential services provided for in the budget include road, footpath, drainage and building maintenance, rubbish and recycling collections, parking, bike paths and parks and gardens. It also provides for services for people including maternal and child health, libraries and leisure centres.

Generally we will have about $500,000 to $1 million each year that can be allocated to new projects that benefit our community. Each year, we have to make tough decisions about which projects to fund, and which have to miss out.

Let us know what your priorities are, so we can understand your needs when deciding which projects to fund.

First, tell us what kind of projects you want us to prioritise.

Tick your top 5 priorities out of the main council services listed below.

Then, tell us how we should decide which projects to fund. What criteria should we prioritise?

Tick your top 3 criteria:


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Upload your feedback

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