At a glance

  • $197.36 million in total operating expenditure
  • $30.54 million for capital works projects and other new initiatives
  • 2% increase in general rate revenue (in line with the Victorian Government rate cap)
  • 2% increase in our additional rate rebate for pensioners

Proposed budget breakdown

  • Infrastructure and asset management – $21.1 million (11% of the budget)
  • Waste and recycling – $20.1 million (10% of the budget)
  • Strategic and statutory planning – $10.5 million (5% of the budget)
  • Construction management – $2.7 million (1% of the budget)
  • Customer service – $3.4 million (2% of the budget)
  • Family, youth and children’s services – $18.8 million (10% of the budget)
  • Aged and disability services – $6.6 million (3% of the budget)
  • Library services – $5.9 million (3% of the budget)
  • Leisure, arts, culture and venues – $14.6m (7% of the budget)
  • Parks and recreation – $8.8 million (4% of the budget)
  • Compliance, parking and traffic – $21.7 million (11% of the budget)
  • Strategic transport and sustainability – $3.8 million (2% of the budget)
  • Advocacy, engagement and communications – $7.7 million (4% of the budget)
  • Finance, performance, systems and people – $15.9 million (8% of the budget)
  • Governance – $9.1 million (5% of the budget)
  • Interest, depreciation, amortisation – $26.7 million (14% of the budget).

Your rates

To keep delivering essential services and projects that benefit our community, the average general rate and municipal charge will increase by 2% this year, in line with the Victorian Government’s rate cap.

Pensioner rebate

We continue to support Yarra’s older residents with an additional rate rebate for pensioners of $190.90 for 2020/21.

Other important priorities

We’re absolutely committed to delivering the services that all Yarra residents and ratepayers rely on.

Our proposed budget will ensure you’ll continue to see Yarra’s parks, facilities and drains well-maintained, and dedicated services for our older residents, families and young people will continue as always.

The effects of COVID-19 have meant we've had to revisit some of our strategic priorities this year. While we're still continuing with Yarra’s climate education and community engagement programs, we’ve had to delay some of our larger climate-related capital works programs. We’re also pausing the roll out of our new four-bin waste and recycling service until we fully understand the economic impact of COVID-19.

We acknowledge the significant support you have for these projects, and will consider them in our mid-year budget review for delivery as soon as financially possible.

Delivering projects that matter to you

While COVID-19 has greatly impacted our proposed budget, you’ll still see a range of significant improvements across Yarra this year.
  • Maintaining our footpaths and roads

    $9.23 million to renew our footpaths and roads and keep pedestrians and motorists safe.

  • Improving community facilities

    $8.08 million to bring important community facilities up to modern and safe standards, including $2 million for the new Jack Dyer Pavilion at Citizens Park.

  • Reconstrucing laneways

    $845,000 to reconstruct some of Yarra’s much-loved bluestone laneways.

  • Improving rainwater management in our parks

    $800,000 for a new 1.2 million litre rainwater storage tank at Edinburgh Gardens

  • Richmond Kindergarten

    $1.2 million for upgrades to Richmond Kindergarten.

  • New library resources

    $620,000 for new library resources to educate and inspire residents of all ages.

  • Improving Darling Gardens

    $555,000 for improvements at Clifton Hill's Darling Gardens

  • Ryans Reserve upgrades

    $600,000 to complete the pavilion and public toilet redevelopment at Ryan’s Reserve.

  • Brunswick Oval Precinct

    $500,000 to progress planning and design of the Brunswick Street Oval Precinct.

  • A new Reid Street Park

    $135,000 towards a new small local park at Reid Street, North Fitzroy, to provide more open space for our community to enjoy.