Consultation has now concluded

A final concept design for a shared zone along Rose Street has been prepared following community consultation in 2017.

A shared zone is where pedestrians, cyclists and vehicles safely share the roadway. This new, shared streetscape will improve pedestrian access on Rose Street – between Brunswick and Nicholson Streets.

Instead of costly engineering treatments, we've included innovative ways to make these improvements. The design aims to support the change of Rose Street to a shared zone and the priority of pedestrians over vehicle movement.

Key features

  • A 10 km/h speed limit to reduce traffic speed
  • The replacement of six parking spaces with pedestrian pause points containing planter boxes, trees and shrubs, bike racks, public seating and street litter bins
  • Two dedicated loading zones or similar outside Rose Street Market and near the intersection of Fitzroy Street
  • Reinstatement of a redundant driveway crossover outside 88 Rose Street to formalise one additional paid parking space and repair the footpath
  • Painted treatments on the roadway
  • Opportunities for art installations, including those above the street level at the Brunswick Street entrance
  • Pram ramps and street painting at the intersection of Rose Street and Fitzroy Street to address the immediate accessibility issues
  • A raised threshold treatment at the intersection of Rose Street and Nicholson Street.

To support the improvements there will be increased street cleaning and landscaping maintenance.

Monitoring, further testing and evaluation, including street lighting, will be carried out following the completion of the project.

A previously identified proposal to incorporate a one-way traffic (westbound) change has been abandoned following the recommendations of an independent traffic assessment and community feedback.

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