Street dreams are made of...?

In August 2019, we heard from the people who live, work, and spend time in Brunswick Street. We wanted to know what we could to to enhance the footpaths and public spaces along and around Brunswick Street, to make it a nicer street for people to spend time in.

We have used your feedback and ideas, along with advice from independent experts, to develop a draft Brunswick Street Streetscape Masterplan.

We heard from the people who live, work, study and spend time in and around Brunswick Street.

  • We saw more than 271 ideas on the online map.
  • 317 people filled out our online form.
  • Around 300 people visited our three pop-up sessions along Brunswick Street and in the Atherton Gardens.
  • Four different groups of children from three childcare centres and a school shared their ideas during a walk around the area.
  • We visited shops and businesses along Brunswick Street to hear from the people who do business there.
  • We spoke to residents, including people who live in the Atherton Gardens housing estate.
  • We spoke to the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander community, people who volunteer in the area, local community organisations, places of worship, and other groups who spend time in this area.

People love Brunswick Street – although we heard many suggestions for improvement, people are keen to see it retain its diversity and unique “vibe”.

What people value:

  • Heritage buildings.
  • Public art (including the mosaic chairs and murals).
  • Variety of shops, in particular the uniqueness of the small independent traders
  • Vibrant night life and music scene.
  • Diversity of people.
  • Sense of community.

What people want to see more of:

  • Friendlier, safer, and more accessible footpaths for pedestrians.
  • More greenery: trees and shade, planter boxes, vertical greenery, garden beds.
  • More places to sit and gather.
  • More public art.
  • Improved safety, particularly at night.
  • More bins and street cleaning.
  • Less tagging and graffiti.

We know bike lanes, accessible tram stops, car parking, wider footpaths, traffic and other things regarding the road space are important to you.

The Streetscape Masterplan is looking at footpath and pedestrian spaces. The scope does not include road space (between the kerbs). However we have still collected this feedback, and are working to address it.

All your feedback and ideas has helped us develop the Brunswick Street Streetscape Masterplan, which is looking at:

  • Footpaths
  • Street furniture (e.g. seats and bike parking)
  • Public art
  • Greenery and trees
  • Lighting and signposting
  • Places to meet and gather
  • Anywhere else cars don't go

The Brunswick Street Streetscape Masterplan does not look at road space (between the kerbs).

See some ideas on the map

Take a look at the map below to see some people's ideas for Brunswick Street's footpaths and public spaces.

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