We’ve used your ideas for Brunswick Street

Brunswick Street has been a vibrant, quirky and creative hub for a long time.

And we want to keep it that way!

The draft Brunswick Street Streetscape Masterplan looks at ways we can improve the footpaths and public spaces around Brunswick Street, without changing what makes it special.

To create it, we used ideas from the community, as well as advice from an independent landscape consultant.

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Take a look at some of the major parts of the Brunswick Street Masterplan and let us know what you think.

You can also read the full draft Brunswick Street Masterplan here.

The Brunswick Street Streetscape Masterplan looks at opportunities for improving the public spaces in two different sections of the Brunswick Street precinct.

1. Brunswick Street's footpaths

Looks at the footpaths along Brunswick Street, and creating new public spaces on certain corners. Take the survey on Brunswick Street's footpaths below.

2. The area around Fitzroy Town Hall

This precinct includes the local streets around Fitzroy Town Hall, the Atherton Gardens Housing Estate, Sacred Heart Primary School, and community facilities including the Fitzroy Library, Yarra Youth Centre, and the Connie Benn Centre.

Take the survey about the Fitzroy Town Hall precinct on a separate page.

You have until Monday 16 March 2020 to have your say.

Brunswick Street's footpaths

Streetwide opportunities

Click the hotspots to see more on each idea for the whole street. Please note this image is for demonstration purposes only - any final designs may look different.

A mock up of a street, showing trees, pedestrians, bike hoops, outdoor dining, bins, awnings and car parks.
Increase trees and greenery
Protect new trees
Encourage other greenery
More garden beds
Declutter parking signs
Footpath and kerb design
Bike parking
More seating
Reduce tangle of power lines
Environmentally friendly, consistent lighting
More rubbish and recycling bins
Outdoor trading and dining
At least three drinking fountains

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Strongly disagree
Increased trees: Plant a variety of species, space more closely together to help establish a canopy for shade
Encourage other greenery, including vertical planting on awnings and against blank facades
More garden beds, with raised edges to prevent rubbish build-up and decrease damage from foot traffic
Protect new trees by providing robust trunk protection and planting trees when they're at a more advanced stage of growth
At least one seat every 60 meters to give people more places to sit and rest
More rubbish and recycling bins
At least 3 drinking fountains along the length of Brunswick Street
Use paving markers to make it clear where outdoor trading and dining areas start and end
LED street lighting that is even and environmentally responsible
Maintain ashalt paving along the footpath. Use heritage bluestone along the kerb and channel
Make sure footpath is at least 1.5m wide enough for pedestrian access, and allow access from nearby parking spaces
Reduce tangle of power lines: Bundle power so less power lines are blocking heritage facades and buildings
Explore ways to reduce the number of parking signs, for example creating parking zones
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Corners that have potential for additional public space

We've identified some street corners that we could focus on to create special spaces for the community.

Do you think these are the right corners to focus on?

Map of Brunswick Street, showing Westgarth Street, Kerr Street, Victoria Street, Bell Street, Hanover Street and Gertrude Street
Not sure
Westgarth Street
Kerr Street (including potential for new public toilet)
Victoria Street
Bell Street
Hanover Street (including potential for new public toilet)
Gertrude Street (near entry to Atherton Gardens estate)

What kind of opportunities and features should we focus on in these corners?

Take a look at some ideas for how we can enhance some spaces for the community.

Tick all the opportunities you think we should focus on in these corners

Please note that all images are just concepts, showing initial ideas and opportunities. We will use your feedback to decide what ideas to take forward for further design and consultation.

Designs of street corners showing different styles of community spaces, including small gardens, lighting features, seating options and public art

Did we miss any street corners with potential for something extra? Can you think of any other ways we can enhance the public spaces on these street corners?

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