Street dreams are made of...?

Brunswick Street has been a vibrant, quirky and creative hub for a long time.

And we want to keep it that way!

We want to hear from the people who live, work, and spend time in Brunswick Street.

What would make it a nicer street for you to spend time in? If you have an idea for the Brunswick Street precinct we’d love to hear it!

Take a look at the map below, and share your ideas.


  • Footpaths
  • Street furniture (e.g. seats and bike parking)
  • Public art
  • Greenery and trees
  • Lighting and signposting
  • Places to meet and gather
  • Anywhere else cars don't go

All your feedback and ideas will help us develop the Brunswick Street Streetscape Masterplan.

Share your ideas for the Brunswick Street precinct

There are lots of ways you can share your ideas:

Have your say by Friday 13 September 2019.

Note: We know bike lanes, tram stops, car parking and other things that sit outside this plan are important to you. So, while this plan won't directly look at those things, we will still collect this feedback and share it with the relevant groups.

Put your ideas on the map

Take a look at the map and tell us what you love about Brunswick Street. Do you have any ideas for how we can improve the footpaths and public spaces?


Click the 'add marker' button on the bottom right of the map. Drag and drop the marker to a location on the map and let us know what you think.

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Share your ideas in the survey

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We’re looking at what we can improve in the Brunswick Street precinct. Tell us how important each of these things are to you.

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Community spaces and places for people to meet and gather
Footpaths and pedestrian access
Trees, greenery and landscaping
Look and feel (eclectic, quirky, bohemian)
Outdoor dining areas
Places to sit and rest
Places to park my bike
Public art
Safety, particularly at night (eg lighting)
Cleanliness, maintenance, recycling bins
Signage and ways to help me find my way around

You can be specific.

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We know the Brunswick Street precinct is a special street to many people. Is there anything in particular that’s special for you, that you’d like to see protected or enhanced?

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