This project is now closed. Thank you to everyone who contributed feedback.

The way we all work, live and move around has changed significantly due to the impact of coronavirus (COVID-19).

Recent times have also shown how much we all value and need our public spaces, particularly as we practice physical distancing. Having space to safely move around in is critical for us to stay COVID-safe in Yarra.

Making Space for you

Short-term gain

With the different traffic conditions we’ve been experiencing recently, we have a rare opportunity to try using Yarra’s roads and public spaces in new ways that can help protect your health, safety and wellbeing.

The big picture

This is also a chance for us all to think about what sort of future we want for Yarra's streets, once the peak of the pandemic has passed. How we can build back better in the long term?

The plan

We've devised a range of Making Space projects to seize this opportunity. They include:

  • repurposing road space to create new or expanded bike lanes
  • creating pop-up parklets to support businesses and ensure physical distancing
  • making safer spaces for pedestrians and recreation.

Find out what's happening in your area via the interactive map on the right of this page. More information for each project will become available as they are progressed.

Some projects are subject to further Council and Victorian Government approval. We’re working closely with the Department of Transport to ensure any proposals are safe and approved.

Let's give it a go

For each Making Space project we’ll be using temporary infrastructure to make changes as soon as possible.

Throughout these trials we want to hear what you think is (and isn't) working. We can also make adjustments and changes in real time, and in response to real world conditions and your feedback.

Adjusting to a new normal

These projects will help to:

  • provide safe and sustainable ways to get around for people of all ages
  • support Yarra’s businesses by creating more space for customers and to enable physical distancing
  • make new spaces to help people stay active while maintaining physical distancing
  • keep our community healthy by slowing the spread of COVID-19.

Responding to the climate emergency

These initiatives also help us to deliver on our new Climate Emergency Plan, which commits to responding to the climate crisis while recovering from COVID-19.