Thank you for your feedback

Following feedback from community members during the trial, councillors decided at the Tuesday 15 December 2020 council meeting to remove the centre median.

Works to remove the median were completed on Tuesday 22 December 2020.

Background to the trial

Last year, Yarra City Council voted to trial a new centre median on Nicholson Street (between Mollison Street and Langridge Street) in Abbotsford.

The trial temporary infrastructure originated from an already approved local area place making (LAPM) project designed to improve safety for pedestrians, bike riders and motorists in this area. The trial centre median addressed the current high number of conflicting traffic movements between road users.

All changes were made with temporary infrastructure, and there was no loss of on-street car parking

The temporary infrastructure was installed on Monday 24 August 2020.

Why was this trial implemented on Nicholson Street?

This trial aimed to:

  • improve safety for all road users
  • allow us to realise and test the benefits of the LAPM project now, rather than waiting for funding for permanent works
  • provide safer riding conditions for vulnerable road users and less confident bike riders
  • create safer routes to local schools and community facilities
  • help deliver on our new Climate Emergency Plan and address the climate crisis while responding to and recovering from COVID-19.