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More than 1,000 cyclists and 10,000 motorists travel on Elizabeth Street every day.

We want to make this safer and more liveable for our community and improve access to sustainable travel options. This will be particularly important as people start returning to regular work places.

This temporary trial of dedicated bike lanes in Elizabeth Street will separate cyclists from moving traffic and parked cars. The aim is to make this stretch of road safer for cyclists, pedestrians and motorists. In the longer term, depending on the outcomes of the trial, it will also include other improvements, such as further planting of shade canopy street trees.

What will the street look like?

This 12-month trial will include parking spaces along one side of Elizabeth Street and protected bike lanes with buffer zones on both sides. Pedestrian paths will be slightly wider on the south side between Hoddle and Lennox Streets and on the North side between Lennox and Church Streets.

A greener Elizabeth Street

We’ve already planted more than 40 new trees in Elizabeth Street, providing shady green canopy cover over the longer term. If the trial is successful the final design will include a further 30 shade trees planted within the safety buffer zones.

Working with you

Over the next 12 months you will have the opportunity to try it and see before any permanent decisions are made. Throughout the year we’ll be listening carefully to your feedback as well as conducting regular traffic studies. If the trial goes well your input will ensure any permanent design will work for everyone.

First report to Council – September 2020

On 15 September, Council received a report on the project, which included detailed information about the feedback we're hearing from our community. Council resolved at this meeting to continue with the trial for the remainder of the 12 months. It also resolved to:

  • allow for adjustments, and refinements with further assessment at end of the trial period
  • note the officer report, the analysis provided to date, the material provided in the attachments, the commentary of the local community as reproduced in Attachment 3, and comments received at the Council meeting
  • additionally ask officers to prepare the next quarterly report for new Council, which includes community and resident consultation including materials in language, which proposes the options outlined in this Report for feedback, if viable and including new information from the DoT Guidelines.

Download and view the minutes and final resolution from the meeting.

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