Yarra City Council has expanded its 30km speed limit area in Fitzroy and Collingwood. From May 2024 the existing 30km area has expanded to cover all remaining streets within Fitzroy and Collingwood, excluding major roads - Johnston Street, Nicholson Street, Hoddle Street, Alexandra Parade and Victoria Parade. This trial is supported by the Department of Transport and Planning and the Transport Accident Commission.

About the initial trial

In October 2018, for a period of 12 months, Council held a year-long trial of a 30km speed limit in the neighbourhood streets of the northern parts of Fitzroy and Collingwood, bounded by Alexandra Parade, Johnston Street, Hoddle Street and Nicholson Street (excluding Brunswick Street and Smith Street).

An independent evaluation found that speeding, and especially excessive speeding, reduced in the area during the trial period. The evaluation also found that by the end of the trial, residents’ support for the 30km limit had increased and levels of non-support had decreased.

Council resolved to retain the 30km speed limit in this area following the trial at its meeting on 19 December 2019.

A shot of cars, bicycles and pedestrians sharing Brunswick Street in Fitzroy

The speed limit in this area remains a trial speed limit because the Victorian Government’s Speed Zoning Policy does not allow for 30km speed limits outside of the scope of a trial. The evaluation of these trials and other similar trials contributes to the body of evidence that informs future changes to this policy.

Council is committed to creating a safe environment for all residents to travel, whether they choose to walk, cycle or drive. Yarra’s Council Plan 2021-25 commits to exploring further 30km speed limits and the Yarra Transport Strategy 2022-32 also supports 30km speed limits.

These trials are about testing a new approach to achieving safer speeds in our community. If it works here, it can be applied to other areas in Melbourne, Victoria and Australia.

We believe we can encourage people to travel at safer speeds through community understanding, acknowledgement and action. Together, we can assess the evidence, see the value, and achieve real change.

How will the expanded trial be assessed?

Council will work closely with Department of Transport and Planning as well as other road safety partners like Victoria Police to evaluate the expanded 30km trial. The key findings of the trial evaluation will be presented to the community at the end of the trial.

This evaluation will help inform:

  • any potential future rollouts of 30km speed limits
  • any potential reviews of Victorian Government's Speed Zoning Policies and Guidelines.

We will be considering the following as part of this evaluation:

Frequently asked questions

We understand people have questions about the trial – about why we’re doing it, how it will be evaluated, and why we need a trial at all. Here are our responses to some of the community’s frequently asked questions.