We asked you what motivates you to be active, what challenges you face and how we could support you.

In November and December 2021, we heard from over 350 people through our Your Say Yarra site. We also ran activities with children and young people, and engaged directly with community groups for older people and from different language speaking backgrounds.

Some key things that we heard:

  • The most popular motivation to be active is for physical and mental health.
  • Overall respondents told us that their physical activity has decreased during COVID.
  • We heard from a number of people that we could help them by improving issues faced in active travel, such as space on footpaths.
  • Different approaches are needed for different areas of the community based on their needs.
  • Convenience and physical activity being a part of people's everyday lives was important. Activities need to fit into people's everyday lives, or be flexible in terms of time commitment.
  • Many respondents said they wanted to try activities outside of community sport.
  • A high number of respondents told us they wanted to find opportunities to be physically active with their friends or family.

Your ideas and feedback has helped us develop our draft Yarra Moves Action Plan.