Yarra Moves, our Physical Activity Strategy, provides a strategic framework to increase physical activity levels in Yarra. The strategy presents an evidence based and balanced approach to achieve the mission of supporting the lifelong mental and physical health of all people who live, work, learn and play in our city.

You can learn more about the overall objectives, principles, priorities and focus areas laid out in the plan below, or read the full Yarra Moves Physical Activity Strategy for 2021-31.

If you have questions about the strategy you can contact us on recreation@yarracity.vic.gov.au with the subject line 'Physical Activity Strategy' or call us on 9205 5555.


Yarra Moves objectives aim to identify and promote opportunities to improve the health and wellbeing of all people who live, work, learn and play in Yarra by establishing a strategy with a vision to be a municipality synonymous with active living. In order to increase the proportion of people in Yarra that are both physically active and non-sedentary every day, Yarra Moves seeks to influence a shift in social norms that embrace active living.

Principles, priorities and focus areas

All initiatives are to be guided by strategic principles, planning priorities and local government focus areas to ensure that meaningful change can be achieved in creating an active Yarra.

The principles provide a foundation for decision making, setting core guidelines to achieve the plan’s objectives through:

  • Inclusion will drive the allocation of resources to ensure all people can participate in physical activity, regardless of individual circumstance
  • Behaviour change will drive the cultural shift towards active living
  • Convenience will ensure that active choices are a simple and enjoyable option for all

The priorities identify the most important areas where Council can integrate the strategy’s principles to positively impact active living by developing actions that:

  • Focus on establishing a culture of active living throughout Yarra
  • Proactively address positive health and wellbeing outcomes through physical activity
  • Are supported by appropriate communication to ensure the community is informed and engaged
  • Positively impact behaviour that supports active living
  • Contribute to active neighbourhoods that are safe, accessible and well connected optimising and encouraging active transport.

The focus areas reflect the key roles of local government where the strategy’s priorities can best influence physical activity:

  • Opportunities will exist for all people to access and participate in physical activity. Council’s influence on services and policy will ensure there is always the opportunity to be active;
  • Environments will enable people to be active in all the spaces and places they interact with every day. Council’s influence on the infrastructure and domains throughout Yarra will ensure the environment always encourages physical activity; and
  • People of Yarra will contribute to active living at all stages of life. Council’s influence on formal and informal relationships and the deliverers of physical activity services will ensure that the community is always valued as a key contributor to an active Yarra.