Listening to the community

These two rounds of feedback have helped us create better streets and spaces for our community. We used this information, along with advice from independent traffic experts, a local area study group, and local traffic data, to develop a Local Area Place Making plan for Carlton North.

Who did we talk to?

Phase one:

  • We saw more than 280 ideas and comments on our online map from around 80 people
  • We spoke to around 120 people at two community meetings and three other pop-up consultations
  • We chatted with around 20 kids from a local kindergarten about what they like about their journey to kinder, and what might make it better.

Phase two:

  • We heard feedback from more than 300 people
  • We saw more than 800 comments at two pop-up information sessions and through our interactive online map.

What did we hear?

  • People would like to see more trees and greenery in Carlton North.
  • People love the cycling paths, the heritage of the suburb, the walkability, access to public transport and the greenery of Carlton North.
  • Safety from drivers is a major concern for cyclists and people walking.
  • Cyclists would like safer bike paths.
  • Driver behaviour, rat running and speeding is a strong concern for the community.

During phase two of our consultations, we heard a lot of feedback on our draft plan and made some changes based on what the community told us. This includes removing some treatments from the plan:

  • Newry Street and Lygon Street kerb extension: We removed from the plan due to the limited community interest, suggesting it was a low priority.
  • Drummond Street and Fenwick Street intersection modification: This has been removed from the plan following strong public opposition to this type of treatment, noting the potential to increase vehicle access.
  • Macpherson Street at Canning Street medium strip reconfiguration: also removed due to strong public opposition for this treatment type, noting the potential to increase vehicle access.
  • Park Street at Canning Street raised zebra crossing: excluded, with further technical assessment needed to assess safest crossing points for cyclists and pedestrians. We are currently undertaking this assessment. This will be resolved outside of this local area place making study.

See feedback on the interactive maps

Phase 1

Phase 2

See feedback from phase 2 on the interactive map

Click on a marker to see what was proposed for that area, and a public discussion on what people thought during the second phase of consultation