Looking at what you like about Carlton North’s streets

In August and September 2019, we spoke to the community about Carlton North’s streets: What helps you get to where you need to go? What makes you feel safe? And what makes these streets a nice place to be?

This feedback is helping us create better streets and spaces for our community. We are using this information, along with advice from independent experts, to develop a draft Local Area Place Making plan.

Who did we talk to?

  • We saw more than 280 ideas and comments on our online map from around 80 people
  • We spoke to around 120 people at two community meetings and three other pop-up consultations
  • We chatted with around 20 kids from a local kindergarten about what they like about their journey to kinder, and what might make it better.

What did we hear?

  • People would like to see more trees and greenery in Carlton North.
  • People love the cycling paths, the heritage of the suburb, the walkability, access to public transport and the greenery of Carlton North.
  • Safety from drivers is a major concern for cyclists and people walking.
  • Cyclists would like safer bike paths.
  • Driver behaviour, rat running and speeding is a strong concern for the community.

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Take a look at the map to see what people told us they love about their streets, and their ideas for how we can improve them.

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