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In December 2019 and January 2020, we spoke to the community about some ideas for Carlton North's streets.

These ideas informed a Local Area Place Making (LAPM) plan, which we created using initial ideas from the community as well as independent traffic advice, and local traffic data.

Thank you to everyone who contributed.

These ideas were part of a draft Local Area Place-Making plan, which we created using initial ideas from the community as well as independent traffic advice.

We have listened to your ideas and concerns, and received feedback from more than more than 300 people who live, work and spend time in Carlton North.

All in all, we received an enormous volume of feedback: more than 800 comments at two pop-up information sessions and through our interactive online map.

During phase two of our consultations, we heard a lot of feedback on our draft plan and made some changes based on what the community told us. This includes removing some treatments from the plan.

See a summary of what we heard, and how we made changes after listening to the community.

The final plan

We evaluated this feedback, along with input from our local area study group and advice from independent traffic consultants, to develop the final plan for Carlton North.

The final plan needs to balance many complex needs. It needs to make sure that these streets remain nice to live in, while also making sure all kinds of transport users can easily and safely get around.

Council Meeting

The final plan was due to be considered for formal adoption at a Council Meeting on Tuesday 19 May, however this item was deferred to the 23 June Council Meeting, where it was deferred again to the 7 July Council Meeting.

Visit the 7 July Council Meeting page to see how you can stream the meeting live and download the agenda when it is ready.

See the final plan

Take a look at a map of the proposed treatments, or the full Local Area Place Making plan and report for Carlton North.