Looking at Carlton North’s streets

In August and September 2019, we spoke to the community about Carlton North’s streets: What helps you get to where you need to go? What makes you feel safe? And what makes these streets a nice place to be?

This feedback is helping us create better streets and spaces for our community. We have used this information, along with advice from independent traffic experts and a local area study group, to come up with some potential solutions.

Now we’d like to know what you think

Take a look at the draft plan and let us know what you think about the traffic solutions we have proposed.

You can give your feedback on the interactive map, or come along to one of our pop-up community consultation sessions.

Have your say by 27 January 2020.

Have your say on the map

You can check out the draft plan on our interactive map. Click on a marker to see the proposed treatment for that location. Each marker contains a survey, where you can have your say on that treatment. You can also participate in a public discussion with other community members.

Have your say on the interactive map

Give feedback on each proposed treatment.

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