Yarra’s first 10-year Transport Action Plan was endorsed by Council at the Council Meeting on Tuesday 12 March.

Thanks for sharing your thoughts on our Transport Action Plan and letting us know what transport projects you want us to focus on.

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What happens next?

The Transport Action Plan outlines actions Council will take to meet the ambitious targets in Yarra's Transport Strategy 2022-32:

  • Upgrading 30 kilometres of the New Deal for Cycling Network to be compliant with Yarra’s standards
  • Delivering 50 additional spot improvements on Yarra’s ‘New Deal’ and ‘Neighbourhood’ Cycle Networks
  • Increasing overall cycling levels by 40%
  • Doubling the number of women cycling
  • Increasing bike parking (50 additional hoops per year)
  • Delivering 50 spot pedestrian improvements
  • Delivering 20 shared zones City of Yarra Transport Action Plan 2024-2034
  • Delivering 5 additional 30kp/h zones
  • Increasing the number of car share bays to 283 by 2024
  • Doubling the amount of active transport trips by 2032
  • Increasing public transport use by 10% by 2032.

About the project

Yarra's population is growing rapidly and our diverse community has complex transport needs. Our road network contains many historical streets and major transit corridors that are used by thousands of people each day.

Yarra's Transport Strategy was developed to meet these challenges and provide a strategic direction for future transport projects in Yarra. It was unanimously adopted by Council in July 2022.

The Transport Strategy is informed by both the Yarra 2036 Community Vision and the Council Plan 2021-25.

For more information, you can read Yarra's Transport Strategy 2022-32 (pdf) or visit Moving Forward - Yarra Transport Strategy.

Transport Action Plan

Yarra's draft Transport Action Plan outlines the actions that we'll take to meet the ambitious targets in the Transport Strategy. It sets out a transparent framework to inform decision-making about transport in Yarra between 2023 and 2033.

This plan will help to free up space on our streets, provide safe and fair access for everyone and have a positive impact on the environment.

Read the draft Transport Action Plan 2023-2033 (PDF, 2MB)

This plan aims to:

  • Encourage sustainable transport

    We are committed to promoting sustainable transport options including walking, riding, scooting and encouraging public transport use.

  • Create a more accessible city

    We will improve safety on our roads and increase independent mobility for vulnerable road users in Yarra.

  • Promote a healthy and active lifestyle

    We will increase inclusion and promote a healthy and active lifestyle by giving people more attractive and useful transport options.

  • Reduce transport emissions

    We must reduce our transport emissions to meet our commitment towards net-zero emissions by 2030.