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In 2022, we received feedback on our first ever Transport Strategy from over 800 people. Thank you to everyone who submitted feedback.

On Tuesday 12 July 2022, Councillors adopted the strategy and set out the future of transport in our city.

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What's the transport strategy about?

Just like the rest of Melbourne (population 8 Million by 2050) Yarra's population is growing. But we're also close to the city, with limited space on our historical streets and our diverse population has different transport needs. The types of transport available to us will also continue to change into the future.

It's important our transport system of the future responds to population growth, frees up our streets, provides safe and fair access for everyone and has a positive impact on the environment. Planning now will ensure the right options are available to suit all our needs.

Last year an extensive community engagement process brought together representatives of Yarra to consider the big issues for our future. A key recommendation related to transport and mobility and is the guiding statement for this strategy.

The community's long term vision for transport in Yarra is "a transport system that is innovative, efficient, sustainable and accessible."
Yarra 2036 - Community Vision

Extensive outreach and over 1200 contributions helped shape the Community's long term vision for Yarra. We also hear from 1000s of community participants every year as we consult on road safety studies, transport projects and street-scape masterplans. All of this input, along with transport and population data, has guided the drafting of this strategy.

What are we looking to achieve?

To deliver on this vision the strategy identifies these four main outcomes:

  1. Increased use of space efficient and environmentally sustainable forms of transport in Yarra
  2. Enhanced places for people on Yarra's streets
  3. Increased independent mobility for vulnerable road users in Yarra
  4. Reduced car use for trips within or through Yarra

The strategy also contains 15 individual policies that provide more detail on how these outcomes will be delivered and guide our decisions.

Read the full strategy here to find out more about how we use our streets and transport now, the different uses we need to cater to and the challenges we need to manage into the future.

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