Thanks to everyone who provided feedback on our draft Neighbourhood House Partnership Framework.

The feedback we received during the consultation period demonstrated overwhelming support for the Framework’s strategic directions and related objectives. Where relevant, we incorporated this feedback into the final Framework which was endorsed on Tuesday 15 August 2023.

Our next step will be to develop an action plan outlining how we will deliver the objectives.

About the project

We’ve developed a draft Neighbourhood House Partnership Framework which will guide how we support the neighbourhood houses located in Yarra and the essential services they provide, now and into the future.

We then asked the wider Yarra community to have a read and to tell us what you think.

Yarra is home to nine neighbourhood houses, which are located throughout the municipality.

To ensure we provide the necessary funding and support to these community hubs it is important that we have a framework in place outlining our commitment. Previously, this was drawn up as a short-term Neighbourhood Houses Partnership Strategy and Action Plan which has since expired.

Instead of creating another 4-year Strategy and Plan we've decided to draft a long-term Framework which will provide a more detailed outline of the operational function and demographic environment of Yarra’s neighbourhood houses.

It is also a document that can remain in place for a longer length of time than its predecessor, only requiring periodic review of the strategic directions and demographic information to ensure it aligns with each new Council Plan.

During December 2021 and the first half of 2022 we carried out extensive engagement with neighbourhood house staff and users. Themes were drawn after each workshop and built upon as meetings progressed. The nine neighbourhood houses were initially consulted individually and were kept engaged with the Framework through regular Network Meetings.

Key stakeholders for Yarra’s Neighbourhood Houses were also consulted to understand how Council can better facilitate internal and external opportunities for houses. These included:

  • North-East Neighbourhood House Network
  • Neighbourhood Houses Victoria
  • Neighbourhood House Board/Committee Members
  • Council officers (regarding partnerships and subject matter expertise) and
  • Council Advisory Groups.

The extensive research undertaken to inform the draft Framework, provides a complete overview of the demographic, economic, social and policy environment in which the houses operate. This information establishes a strong foundational knowledge and provides the guidance and tools needed to sustain, maintain and improve Yarra's neighbourhood houses into the future.

The Framework builds upon the strong relationship between Council and the neighbourhood houses, outlining actions to boost collaboration and promotion of their network of services. It creates a foundation for coordinating effective and sustainable programs and activities, enabling Yarra residents to participate fully in social and civic life and contribute to the whole municipality's wellbeing.

Have your Say!

Before we take the draft Neighbourhood House Partnership Framework to a Council Meeting for endorsement, we want you to have a chance to review it and provide your feedback on the three strategic directions and their related objectives.

It is important to note that the development of the draft Framework has involved extensive key stakeholder consultation with members of the community who it directly concerns. We are now letting the wider Yarra community have the opportunity to read it and check that they agree with these strategic directions, however we are unable to take on feedback which comments on other aspects of the Framework.

Provide your feedback below by filling in the survey. You had until 9am on Monday 26 June 2023 to have your say.