We have an opportunity to create a new public space on Kerr Street in Fitzroy that everyone can enjoy.

We spoke to you about making improvements to street corners in Fitzroy during consultation for the Brunswick Street Masterplan.

Two rounds of community consultation were undertaken in 2019 and 2020. This project will be the first initiative from the Brunswick Street Masterplan to be built.

Consultation ended on Friday 10 September 2021.

What did we hear previously?

Around 71% of people that we spoke to supported the Kerr Street corner as a location for public space improvements.

We asked you what types of improvements you wanted to see at street corners. According to the feedback, you want to see:

  • additional public seating
  • creative structures that can be used for different purposes
    - like sitting, eating outdoors or catching up with friends.
  • increased greenery and garden-style spaces
  • diverse public art
  • feature lighting
  • interesting textural and paved spaces.

What is included in the concept design?

We have come up with a design for the new space that includes:

  • tiered seating that is ideal for individuals or groups
  • elevated areas and a counter bench top for dining outdoors
  • a unique design in keeping with the character of the area
  • use of interesting textures such as Victorian bricks, ceramics and natural stone.

Contemporary artist Kate Jones has been engaged to add bespoke ceramic slips and glazes as part of the platform design.

View more images of the concept design