The endorsed LAPM 3 plan includes the proposal to install a partial road closure that would prevent southbound vehicles from accessing Alexandra Parade from Rae Street. The proposal also includes the closure of the laneway adjacent to this section of Rae Street (resident access retained) and additional signage for York Place.

The implementation of the partial closure is subject to support from the Department of Transport and Planning (DTP) and further community consultation as required by the Local Government Act.

We have undertaken two traffic modelling assessments which have identified that the closure (in isolation) is likely to impact on public transports movements on the arterial roads. For DTP to support the closure, there will be a requirement to introduce further access restrictions at other locations within the area which was not consulted on during the LAPM study.

We are in the process of collecting further data to help inform internal decisions and how this could/should be presented to the community.

The additional data will be collected by the end of 2023, with the community provided an update in 2024.