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Project update on Miller Street (March 2024):

Thank you for sharing your feedback to help us develop our traffic management and place-making plan for Fitzroy North in 2018.

Following our consultation and an extensive design process, we have now developed some road safety treatments for Miller Street, Fitzroy North.

Council will consider two options to improve the safety of Miller Street at the Council Meeting on Tuesday 9 April. You can view the options below:

Find out more about the Council Meeting and view the agenda from Wednesday 3 April using this link.

You can also join online through the webcast from 6.30pm on Tuesday 9 April.

If you would like to make a comment on this item, you can register for the Council Meeting using the link below. Please note, only people who register for the meeting will be able to speak to the item on the night.

Further project updates (November 2023)

Project update on Brunswick Street north (August 2021):

Project update on Brunswick Street north (August 2021):

This latest stage invited feedback from 324 local properties around Brunswick street North on traffic treatment options on Brunswick Street North. Just under 8% (25 responses) were received.

We asked your feedback on kerb extensions, a splitter island treatment, cut out garden beds and installation of bike sharrows. See detailed plans of proposed treatments here. Works are expected to start later this year you will be notified closer to the date.

Feedback in brief:

While there was positive feedback we do note that approximately half stated a preference for a mid-block slow point in lieu of the proposed curb extensions at the corner of Park Street. There was also concern over loss of parking to allow the proposed planting, including a tree, where parking is currently occurring within 10 meters of the intersection.

Issues we considered from the feedback:

  • Kerb extensions and splitter island at this location provide road narrowing and traffic slowing similar to the effect of mid-block slow points,
  • Kerb extensions and splitter island treatments are considered to have more safety benefits at intersections where different types of road users interact,
  • Kerb extensions at intersections minimise parking loss compared to mid-block slow points between intersections,
  • Upgraded road humps to replace the existing failing rubber road humps between Park Street and Scotchmer Street would typically recommend 20km/hr traffic speed as would be provided by mid-block slow points.
  • Mid-block slow points would require transition from angled to parallel parking after each mid-block slow points, and
  • Tree removal would likely be required to accommodate the change to parallel parking.

Project background

Where did the whole (North Fitzroy) project start?

We assessed road safety data and consulted the community in July and December 2018 on ways we can improve safety and manage traffic flow in Fitzroy North.

We received an overwhelming response from the community. Thank you to everyone who took the time to contribute.

Making our streets safer – particularly for children and pedestrians – was a recurring theme in this consultation.

Based on the assessment of data and what you told us, a local area plan making (LAPM) plan was prepared and endorsed by Council.

Plan highlights

This plan includes the following access restriction proposals:

  • Partial road closure on Rae Street, with no exit to Alexandra Parade.
  • Closing the laneway to the west of Rae Street (between York Street and Alexandra Parade.
  • Permanent right turn ban from Holden Street to Brunswick Street North during the morning and afternoon peak hours.

  • In a Council Meeting on 19 May 2020, it was determined that the central median island trials will not continue at:

    • Holden Street, between Brunswick Street North and Dean Street.
    • Miller Street, between Rae Street and White Street.

    Watch a video recording of this Council Meeting and download the minutes.

    Access restriction proposals

    We have received three out of four reports from the Department of Transport (DoT) regarding the access restriction proposals. You can view these reports in the documents menu.

    DoT have objected to the proposed median island trials at Miller Street and Holden Street.

    They have not objected to the proposed permanent closure of the laneway west of Rae Street (between York Street and Alexandra Parade).

    We have been working through issues raised by DoT on the proposal for the part closure at Rae Street/Alexandra Parade. They have requested further information and analysis regarding the closure.

    November 2019

    We provided Department of Transport (DoT) with a detailed report on the proposed median trial, so they could assess how it will impact other roads. This report includes the traffic analysis. We have also shared the report with other stakeholders, including the Yarra community and Moreland City Council. Read the report.

    Early 2020

    DoT, Moreland City Council and Emergency Services provided us with feedback on:

    • the two proposed median island trials
    • the proposal to close the laneway west of Rae Street, just below York Street, and
    • a partial road closure of Rae Street with no exit to Alexandra Parade.

    DoT provided itsresponse to the median island trials and the proposal to close the laneway west of Rae Streets (just below York Street. DoT requested requested further information on the partial road closure of Rae Street.

    Mid 2020

    Councillors reviewed a further report on the proposed access restriction proposals at a Council Meeting, together with feedback from DoT, results of the right-turn bans trial from Brunswick Street North into Holden Street and further submissions from the community.

    They resolved not to continue with the formal process of trialling the median islands on Holden Street (between Brunswick Street North and Dean Street) and Miller Street (at Rae Street).

    They also endorsed the proposal to close the laneway west of Rae Street, undertake further analysis on the partial road closure at Rae Street/Alexandra Parade and make the right turn ban trial from Holden Street to Brunswick Street North permanent.

    Late 2021 / Early 2022

    Due to COVID-19’s impact on representative traffic conditions, we will undertake further analysis on the partial closure at Rae Street/Alexandra Parade once typical traffic conditions resume, and provide this assessment to DoT.

    If DoT provide a favourable response, we will undertake formal consultation with the community on the partial road closure at Rae Street/Alexandra Parade, and closing the laneway west of Rae Street.

    This formal consultation process is required by the Local Government Act 1989.

    The results of this consultation will be considered by Council, which will make a decision on implementing the proposals.

    More information

    For more information about this project, check out the FAQs, or our Transport team on 9205 5555 or email