Similarly to many locations in the inner city, illegal graffiti is a serious and complex problem in Yarra.

As part of our ongoing conversation with community, we’re looking at ways Council and community can work together to manage illegal graffiti. This work is outlined in our Graffiti Management Framework.

In 2019, we received more than 500 responses to create our Graffiti Management Framework 2020-2023. The document is structured around the following themes:

Our last Graffiti Management Framework was endorsed in 2019 and we have had a chance to review the document and our approach to illegal graffiti management.

In response to feedback that we have received from the community over the last 4 years, we’re strengthening our approach and doing more to keep Yarra looking clean.

Some additional actions include:

  • Creating more options for residents and businesses

    Increasing the options for residents and businesses looking to remove graffiti from their properties by doubling the number of paint vouchers and graffiti kits available per year.

  • Simplifying our processes

    Centralising graffiti removal to have a one point of contact to streamline reporting and cleanup for our community.

  • Being more proactive

    Proactively cleaning graffiti from properties flagged as unsightly.

  • Acting faster

    Property owners will no longer need to grant permission for access to their property before graffiti removal takes place. Instead, they will be given an option to object to the removal of graffiti. This will enable us to act faster to requests.

  • Taking our advice to a new level

    Proposing a new advisory service to help residents and businesses to graffiti-proof upper levels of their properties.