Thank you for sharing your feedback on how we can manage graffiti in Yarra.

We received more than 500 responses, which we are now reviewing. Your feedback will help us refine our Graffiti Management Framework.

About our Graffiti Management Framework

In Yarra, as with most places in the inner city, graffiti is a serious and complex problem. We’re looking at ways we can best work with the community to tackle graffiti together.

We’re currently updating our Graffiti Management Framework, which outlines our multifaceted approach to tackling graffiti, including:

  • When and how we will remove graffiti from Council property.
  • Supporting our community to remove graffiti from private property.
  • Using alternative methods, including public murals, landscaping and urban design treatments to deter graffiti.
  • Working with other agencies, including Victoria Police, to report and monitor graffiti.
  • Diversion and early intervention programs for young people at risk of engaging in graffiti.
  • Trials with local residents and retailers to see how frequently graffiti needs to be removed before it no longer reappears, to determine the most efficient and cost-effective approach.

We’re seeking your feedback on our Graffiti Management Strategy until Thursday 28 February 2019.

Read the draft Graffiti Management Framework

Graffiti in Yarra: the facts

Each year, Yarra Council removes around 20,000 cases of graffiti and unsolicited bill posters, at a cost of around $800,000.

This accounts for just a portion of all cases of graffiti. If we were to remove all instances of graffiti, the cost would be unsustainable.

This is why we are also focusing on prevention tactics, and supporting the community to remove graffiti from private property.