How do we get to those spaces and places and beyond? What’s a fair use of our tight street spaces and how do we make sure transport options meet all our needs?

How do we get around?

Yarra’s inner-city location provides us with great access to public transport and our bustling activity centres. This also means we have limited room on our streets for bike lanes, wider footpaths or street trees.

Changes will be necessary to combat urban heat in our streets. New services and technology like ride sharing, electric vehicles and driverless cars will all impact how we travel.

Our transport habits may even change in a post COVID-19 world.

Bike riding becomes more popular and more available to a broader range of people as we create safer streets to encourage more people to ride.

We do recognise that bike riding is not an option for everyone, and in many locations adapting our streets will require removal of car parking or other compromises.

Transport mode

Access and mobility

An estimated 9% of people living in Yarra have some type of disability. This proportion is even higher in older people.

Greening our streets

Street trees help combat urban heat and improve the look and feel of our streets. Canopy cover varies across Yarra suburbs, for example:

  • Alphington – 43%
  • Fitzroy North – 15%
  • Collingwood – 9%.

New technology

Some things to think about

  • What’s a fair way to decide how we use our streets and spaces?
  • How do we ensure we all have access to transport or mobility options?
  • What can make our streets great places to be?