You can find out more about the interim DDOs in place for Fitzroy and Collingwood (adopted under Amendments C270 and C288) on the Yarra Council website.

Generally, the DDOs across Fitzroy and Collingwood guide new, private development to concentrate higher-density and commercial development around existing activity centres while protecting the heritage streetscapes and amenity of surrounding properties.

The approved interim DDOs do not include mandatory controls – meaning things like maximum building heights, upper level setbacks, and controls to limit overshadowing of footpaths as outlined in the DDOs are flexible. As these are not compulsory requirements, the final design of any proposed development can be approved without meeting these requirements.

There are no further planning controls to prevent the construction of buildings which exceed the preferred heights as per the interim DDOs.

You can read the relevant Council Meeting reports and minutes, requesting the interim controls, on our website. These Council Meetings took place on Tuesday 17 December 2019 and Tuesday 30 March 2021.