Project update - December 2022

Thanks to everyone who provided feedback on the proposed Fitzroy and Collingwood Planning Controls. The consultation attracted a fantastic level of engagement from a range of community members with over 560 submissions received.

The survey responses show that there is general support to put DDOs in place to better guide new development including:

  • mandatory requirements
  • design requirements to achieve pedestrian oriented outcomes
  • overshadowing requirements for opposite footpaths and bulk separation towards the rear
  • In response to the feedback we received, some heights, setbacks and mandatory vs preferred requirements have been refined.

    The community consultation findings and a recommended planning scheme amendment (C271yara) were debated at a Council meeting on 6 December 2022.

    For a full report and to see the proposed permanent DDOs for future public exhibition, please see the Council Meeting agenda (including attachments for item 8.1).

    Next Steps

    We will now be seeking consent from the Minister for Planning to proceed with the amendment process. The process was started in December 2022 and we will share any project updates as they become available.

    About the project

    We're in the process of introducing built form and design requirements for private development in parts of Fitzroy and Collingwood.

    There are currently no permanent requirements to guide growth and new development in these areas. This is your opportunity to help shape the way growth and development happens in your neighbourhood.

    What are the proposed changes?

    We are proposing to introduce requirements that would cover things like building heights, building design and how far developments must be set back from the road. These requirements would be introduced into the Yarra Planning Scheme through Design and Development Overlays (DDOs).

    A Design and Development Overlay (DDO) is a planning tool that is applied to areas such as shopping strips and old industrial areas that need specific requirements to guide the built form and design of new development. Find out more about DDOs and the types of controls they include.

    We want your feedback on the proposed DDOs to help decide whether they become permanent controls and how they will be implemented. We will then begin the process of introducing the DDOs into the Yarra Planning Scheme, which will include an opportunity for community members to provide further comments on the proposal.

    The DDOs will be submitted to the Minister for Planning for approval via a Planning Scheme Amendment. Ultimately, the Minister will determine if the DDOs should be incorporated into the Yarra Planning Scheme, with or without changes. Find out more about the Planning Scheme Amendment process.

    Why are we introducing these changes?

    Before 2021, there was limited guidance for development in Fitzroy and Collingwood. In particular, there were no area-specific requirements on:

    • building heights
    • street wall heights
    • upper level setback, which is how far higher levels should be distanced from the street or backyards

    That is why we prepared temporary Design and Development Overlays (interim DDOs) for the area to guide development from 2019 to 2021. Some of these interim DDOs were approved by the Minister for Planning with changes and some have not been approved. The interim DDOs will help us guide development while we go through the process of introducing permanent changes.

    What area does this project cover?

    The coloured areas on the map below show the area of each interim DDO. You can click on the dots to see a short summary of each interim DDO.

    In addition to each summary, each DDO ensures that the higher the levels of new development are, the further they must be pushed away from traditional, low houses and backyards to minimise their impact. Any new developments must not cause opposite footpaths to be overshadowed during the main part of the day (10am-2pm, from September to March). Each DDO includes requirements to ensure good façade design and pedestrian-friendly outcomes.

    Get involved

    There are a number of ways that you can provide feedback and find out more.

    Feedback must be received by 9am on Wednesday 5 October.

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    In writing

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    Post: Strategic Planning Unit, PO Box 168, Richmond,3121

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    Come and speak to us in person on Thursday 29 September, where we will be on the:

    Corner of Brunswick and Kerr Streets, Fitzroy between 4pm and 6pm.

    Here we will answer your questions and you will have the opportunity to provide us with your feedback.

    Request a meeting

    You are welcome to request a one-on-one meeting with our Strategic Planners. To arrange a meeting, please contact us on 9205 5555 or email

    If you require any assistance to participate, such as an interpreter, please let us know.