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Every year Council develops a Budget that outlines funding for the next financial year and how it will benefit Yarra's community.

The Budget includes funding for waste and recycling, roads, parks and infrastructure upgrades, local wildlife and biodiversity, the running of our libraries and leisure centres, and support for local businesses and community.

From November to December 2022, we invited the Yarra community to share their priorities and ideas for the 2023-24 Budget and received feedback from almost 500 people in our community. This formed the first stage of community engagement around the draft Budget.

Our 2023/24 draft Budget was open for community consultation from 21 April to 19 May. We invited feedback from our community and key stakeholders on the draft before the final Budget was adopted on Monday 19 June 2023. We heard from more than 100 people as part of this stage of the consultation.

We also invited feedback on our draft Long-Term Financial Plan 2023/24 to 2032/33 which has been updated to incorporate this year’s Budget along with our draft Revenue and Rating Plan 2023/24 which has been updated to reflect the separation of the waste services charge from general rates.