Highlights from the Budget 2023/24

  • Supporting renters and community housing

    A $100,000 boost to our Community Housing grants stream to support initiatives that provide emergency rent relief to those experiencing financial rental distress; support people at risk of, or experiencing, homelessness; and address the social and cultural impacts for tenants of community housing.

  • Designing new parks

    Delivering and designing new parks, and upgrading existing ones, including feasibilities study for the Roads to Open Space project.

  • Upgrading sports facilities

    Improvements and upgrades to sporting facilities including additional portable changerooms added to the Yambla Street Pavilion to increase capacity for local football clubs, while a redesign of the existing pavilion is undertaken.

  • Planning for the New Deal for Schools

    Preparation and planning for the New Deal for Schools, a flagship transport program to increase the proportion of children walking, cycling and scooting to school, reduce school traffic and improve the school commute for families.

  • Improving Yarra's cycling network

    Making a range of improvements across Yarra’s bicycle network with a focus on Strategic Cycling Corridors like Wellington Street’s bicycle lanes.

  • Improving road safety and amenity

    Improving road safety and amenity including major infrastructure upgrades and improvements to pedestrian and traffic management.

  • Upgrading pedestrian infrastructure in Cremorne

    Upgrading pedestrian infrastructure in Cremorne with a focus on key arterial intersections to improve community safety in the area.

  • Rolling out Zero Carbon Business programs

    Continued rollout of the Zero Carbon Business programs to support Yarra residents and businesses to reduce emissions by creating efficient, electric homes and businesses powered by renewable energy.

  • Supporting local trader groups and associations

    Supporting local trader groups and associations in placemaking and precinct activations to keep the local economy thriving.

  • Continuing our Local Liveable Streets Program

    Ongoing implementation of the community-led Local Liveable Streets initiative to turn our streets into liveable and dynamic spaces for the community.

  • Planting more trees

    Accelerating Yarra's Tree Planting program as a Natural Cooling Climate Emergency Response by increasing annual planting from 330 to 660 trees.

  • Upgrading tram stops

    Planning for upgrades to Smith Street and Gertrude Street tram stops including identifying location, design, economic impacts and accessibility and social equity considerations.

  • Building our relationship with young people

    Enhancing youth engagement and participation, focussing on at-risk young people, promoting the voices of young people and participation in decision-making and employment opportunities.

  • Educating on e-scooter safety

    Delivering an education and safety program around e-scooter parking and management for safe and liveable streets.

  • Supporting community street events

    Ongoing funding for community street events and activations that celebrate the diversity and vibrancy of Yarra, like Lunar New Year and the Johnston St Fiesta.

  • Improving digital access

    Improving the community’s digital access and customer experience with upgrades to the Council website to make it easier for residents to interact with Council, anywhere, anytime.

  • Replacing library resources

    Replacing library resources across all libraries and expanding the Open Library program to ensure these vital community hubs are relevant, resourceful and accessible for our community.