Please note: The content below is based on the draft Cremorne Urban Design Framework (UDF) that was open for community feedback from Monday 7 November to Monday 12 December 2022. This may not be reflective of the revised UDF that was endorsed by Council at the Council Meeting on Tuesday 12 September 2023. A further round of consultation will occur early next year to finalise the UDF and exhibit the proposed permanent planning provisions. We will conduct this stage of consultation once we receive approval from the Victorian Government. This page will be updated at that time. Click here for more information.

The draft UDF fills a gap in the Yarra Planning Scheme and includes design controls to guide the redevelopment of commercial sites in Cremorne.

The new design controls manage the scale and design of new commercial development in the Cremorne West, Railway and Church Street Precincts.

Design controls

The UDF includes a package of proposed design controls, such as height limits and building setbacks.

The proposed controls support new high-quality office and commercial developments but makes sure they protect the amenity of residential areas.

They also ensure the development enhances the quality and character of Cremorne's streets and public spaces.

Maintaining Cremorne's heritage

The UDF showcases Cremorne's diverse heritage buildings including:

  • large industrial complexes
  • commercial pubs and shopfronts
  • rows of terraces.

While heritage places are already identified and protected in the Yarra Planning Scheme, the UDF will include specific design controls to guide new development on heritage sites and neighbouring sites.

Room to grow

The UDF identifies large strategic sites within Cremorne which are expected to undergo significant change.

It highlights Council's aspirations for these sites, covering issues such as heritage, new open space and through site connections.

To ensure this development moves in the best possible direction, the UDF also recommends further consultation with landowners and Heritage Victoria.

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