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Project update - Revised Cremorne Urban Design Framework and proposed changes to the planning controls

A revised Urban Design Framework (UDF) was discussed at the 12 September Council Meeting. Council endorsed the revised version for future consultation in 2024. We reviewed what you told us and used your suggestions to inform the revised version of the Cremorne UDF.

Council endorsed the revised version for future consultation in 2024.

We are also progressing two amendments to the Yarra Planning Scheme to apply interim (C317yara) and permanent (C318yara) planning provisions to the Cremorne Precinct. Council has lodged the two amendments with the Department of Transport and Planning and the Minister for Planning for their consideration.

We will be seeking feedback on both revised UDF and Amendment C318yara early 2024.

Project background

We all love Cremorne. It’s a mix of heritage buildings and cutting-edge new development, with thriving cafes, small businesses, tech industries and residential pockets.

We’ve created an Urban Design Framework to guide the growth, development, and character of Cremorne. This will help us ensure the area meets the need of Cremorne’s growing population while remaining an attractive and vibrant area to live and work.

Right now, Cremorne is undergoing a period of rapid growth and change. In 2018, the Victorian Government recognised Cremorne as an enterprise precinct’ - a hub for innovation, economic growth and prosperity.

To make this a reality, the Cremorne Place Implementation Plan (CPIP) was developed by the Victorian Government and Yarra City Council in December 2020.

The CPIP provides a vision for the future of Cremorne and includes an action plan. One of the key actions was to develop a draft Urban Design Framework for the area.

For more information about the CPIP, visit the Victorian Planning Authority's website.

What is an Urban Design Framework?

The UDF is a plan to shape Cremorne's future. It builds on the vision established in the CPIP and is supported by feedback provided by the community, local businesses and advice from technical experts over the last three years.

The UDF will guide growth and development in Cremorne. It aims to build on the things that residents, workers and visitors love about Cremorne and strives to make it even better.

The proposed changes within the UDF may be subject to additional approval from the Victorian Government and other agencies including VicRoads, Department of Transport and Department of Education.

The UDF identifies:

  • opportunities for new public spaces
  • better connections to the Yarra River
  • improvements in public transport
  • improvements to Cremorne’s streets to make walking and cycling easier
  • planning controls to guide new development and protect heritage buildings

The elements of the UDF are below:

Ten key moves

The UDF contains ten key principles that summarise the direction of the UDF and outline some of the ‘big ideas’ of the plan.

These ten 'moves' incorporate the key feedback that we heard from the community as part of the Future Cremorne consultation.

  • Grow Cremorne’s commercial core as a global tech and enterprise precinct.

  • Cremorne Street and Church Street as the key spines of the enterprise precinct.

  • Bendigo Kangan Institute campus reimagined as a creative and digital, education and community hub.

  • Retain Cremorne’s unique residential neighbourhoods in amongst respectful commercial development.

  • Celebrating the unique history of Cremorne’s industrial and residential past.

  • Redesigned road network which prioritises active and sustainable transport

  • Enhanced links to revitalised Richmond and East Richmond Stations.

  • A network of open space that links to neighbouring spaces outside of Cremorne.

  • An exemplary environmentally sustainable precinct

  • Reconnecting Cremorne to the river corridor.

UDF Themes

The UDF is structured around five themes. Under each theme there is a set of objectives and actions which will help deliver the vision for Cremorne.

Click the links below to learn more about the themes and their objectives.


The UDF highlights the distinct commercial and residential precincts within Cremorne, each with its own individual characteristics and opportunities.

It details a vision for Cremorne West, Railway, Church Street and Birrarung Precincts and how this will be achieved.

There are also seven strategic sites across the precincts that have the capacity to accommodate growth and change over time.

These require further strategic investigation with each site having its own vision and design objectives to guide future work.

Click on the dots below to find out more about the vision for each precinct and the strategic sites.

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