The New Deal for Cycling Network utilises many signalised intersections. Signalised intersections requiring upgrade for cycling are shown on Map 1 above. The upgrades to these intersections will help provide a safe experience for people of all ages and abilities on bikes and scooters via one of more of the following measures:

  • installing bike boxes
  • installing hook turn boxes
  • constructing protected bike lanes, intersections and roundabouts
  • removing left-turning traffic lanes that cut across the bike lane on approaches
  • delaying left-turning traffic in signal phasing by installing bike headstart lanterns
  • installing green waves during weekday peak hours that prioritise cyclists in signal phasing

One such upgrade will be taking place on Coppin Street at the intersections of Swan Street and Bridge Road in Richmond. This project will upgrade both signalised intersections on Coppin Street and construct protected bike lanes between Swan Street and the railway bridge.

The 12-month pilot uses temporary materials to test changes to a new road layout that aims to make the intersections and Coppin Street safer for cyclists to use.

How will this affect Coppin Street?

One southbound traffic lane will be temporarily removed on the northern approach of the Swan Street intersection. Two lanes would be retained in any future permanent design.

To accommodate the new temporary protected bike lanes, some on-street car parking bays will be removed and a car share bay will be relocated nearby.

The existing two-way operation for drivers and cyclists will not be impacted.

Map legend

  • Blue - new linemarking
  • Green - bike lanes
  • Yellow - temporary protection infrastructure

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