Yambla Street is too narrow to safely cater for all road users particularly during peak periods. This results in conflicts between road users, particularly between vehicles travelling northbound and cyclists travelling in either direction.

What is the proposed treatment?

Yambla Street would become a no-through road for vehicles travelling between Roseneath and Ramsden Streets, although local vehicle access to adjacent properties will be retained via Aitken and Kiewa streets.

Cyclists and pedestrians will continue to be able to travel both north and southbound along the length of Yambla Street.

The proposed treatment includes:

  • Traffic flow on Yambla Street between Keiwa and Roseneath streets would be reversed (heading southbound instead of north).
  • Traffic flow on Yambla Street between Keiwa and Ramsden streets would continue to be northbound as per the current restrictions
  • A no-entry restriction would be added on the southern end of Yambla Street at the intersection with Roseneath Street.
  • Cyclists would still be able to travel on Yambla Street in both directions, with separate bike lanes travelling south in the area north of Keiwa Street, and travelling north between Roseneath and Keiwa streets. Cyclists would share road space with cars in other areas.

We may need to consider further treatments to support this proposal that allows continued access for larger vehicles. At this stage we are seeking community feedback on the principle of the proposed localised changes to traffic movements.

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Birds eye view of Yambla and Keiwa streets at the intersection, with traffic routes marked

Benefits of this proposed treatment

The benefits of this option are:

  • It would significantly reduce conflict between vehicles and other road users, with much lower volumes of traffic.
  • There would be minimal increases in travel times and inconvenience for most of the local community travelling by vehicle.
  • The additional travel time experienced by residents of Aitken Street and Yambla Street, and any other streets accessed from Yambla Street, will be low.

Disadvantages of this proposed treatment

This would be a significant change to traffic controls at this intersection:

  • Local traffic access to Yambla Street north of Keiwa Street would need to take a new route.
  • It may also result in traffic using Field Street, particulalry during the evening peak period. This would likely be similar to traffic patterns and movements during the AM peak.


If you would like to find out more about this proposed treatment, you can get in touch with us:

📧 Email info@yarracity.vic.gov.au

📞 Call us on 9205 5555