Update November 2022

Yarra Council will consider the recommended Road Safety Plan for the Clifton Hill to North Abbotsford Corridor at its meeting on Tuesday 6 December 2022. You can read the meeting agenda and reports on our upcoming Council meeting webpage.

As a result of community feedback, it is no longer proposed to change the direction of travel on Yambla Street, Clifton Hill.

Other changes from the proposed treatments include:

  • The number of speed humps on Turner Street has been reduced and a raised zebra crossing has been included
  • The zebra crossing on Trenerry Street at Bath Street is to be raised
  • The design of the intersection at Gray Street, Noone Street and Trenerry Crescent has been simplified

To find out more you can view the recommended Road Safety Plan as a PDF, or view the completed Road Safety Study as a PDF.

You can also explore the proposed and recommended treatments, and a summary of the community feedback for each location, by clicking on the pins in the map below.

Project background

Thank you to everybody who shared their feedback on the proposed road safety changes.

We have received feedback and ideas on this project over a number of stages:

➡️ We took into account your feedback on a separate project in 2020 focusing on Trenerry Crescent.

➡️ In late 2021, we asked for your input to help us understand where and what types of road safety issues might need addressing.

➡️ In June/July 2022, we asked for your feedback on some proposed road safety treatments. As part of our second round of consultation we received 213 online and written submissions and more than 100 people attended the in person pop-up sessions.

➡️ December 2022, we are now ready to adopt the recommended Road Safety Plan.

We listened to your feedback in 2020

We heard you clearly and took on board your feedback in 2020 when we asked you to consider closing sections of Trenerry Crescent to vehicles. You told us:

What did we hear in 2021?

In late 2021 we asked for your input to help us understand where and what types of road safety issues might need addressing. We received 406 contributions to the map board and 312 survey contributions. Around 81% of respondents were local to either Abbotsford or Clifton Hill. We also heard from people who work or visit the area (18%) and from a small number of respondents (1%) who travel through the area as part of a longer journey.

Find out what we heard during the first stage of consultation.

Your feedback, along with a road safety review, helped us identify a number of locations where the conflict between different types of road uses cause them to be higher risk. We developed some proposed road safety treatments for these locations.

Find out what is proposed

In June/July 2022 we asked for your feedback on proposed treatments at locations along the corridor.

We reviewed your feedback on the proposed treatments and have worked with our consultants to refine each treatment.

We have now developed a recommended Road Safety Plan.

You can explore the proposed and recommended treatments by clicking on the pins in the map below, or view them by the street names. We have also included a summary of your feedback on each of the treatments.

View the map

View by street names

Next steps

Yarra Council will consider your feedback and the recommended treatments at a Council Meeting on Tuesday 6 December. You will have an opportunity to provide any final feedback at this meeting, to help councillors decide whether to endorse the final road safety study treatments.