The proposed treatment aims to address a number of issues:

  • Conflicts between vehicles and cyclists.
  • Limited space available on the road and footpath for road users and pedestrians.
  • A lack of defined bike lanes.
  • A lack of clear safe alternative routes for cyclists.

What is the proposed treatment?

The proposed treatment to address these issues includes:

  • Bike lanes for uphill sections of the road (where cyclists will be going slower), using green pavement to clearly define the bike lane.
  • Downhill riders will share a lane with other traffic.
  • New speed cushions installed, and existing speed cushions replaced to match the new alignment of the road.

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Birds eye view of intersection of Trenerry Crescent at the Eastern Freeway underpass

Benefits of this proposed treatment

This treatment would improve the experience for cyclists using the space availabe.

Alternative treatment option

To address the issue of limited space for traffic, bike and pedestrians, an alternative treatment option is possible for this space.

Due to budget constraints, this treatment option is not possible as part of this road safety study - but we would still like to know what you think, in case the option becomes possible in the future as part of other projects.

What is the alternative treatment?

The alternative for this location is to install a 4.5 metre wide boardwalk on a cantilever for cyclists and pedestrians east of the road. This would help to create a connection with the Merri Creek and Main Yarra trails.

Birds eye view of Trenerry Crescent at the Eastern Freeway underpass

Benefits of the alternative treatment

This option would:

  • Improve pedestrian experience.
  • Encourage cyclists to use a safer alternative to Trenerry Crescent.

Disadvantages of the alternative treatment

This could create a pinch point for cyclists who are continuing through on Trenerry Crescent.


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