The issues to address at this location are:

  • Conflicts between vehicles and cyclists.
  • There are a significant number of vehicles 'cutting the corner' around the turn in both directions.

What is the proposed treatment?

The proposed treatment includes:

  • Removal of bike lanes to provide more road space, and encourage cyclists to claim the lane and share road space with cars.
  • Install road humps to reduce vehicle speeds at the bend.
  • Install median separators to encourage vehicles to stay in the correct lane around the bend.
  • A painted buffer to clearly separate traffic movements.

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Birds eye view of Trenerry Crescent at the bend near Maugie Street

Benefits of this proposed treatment

It will improve vehicle safety and reduce corner cutting.

It could also be beneficial to cyclists, although this is dependent on whether they 'claim the lane' and ride central to the lane as a shared road space, rather than staying left aligned.

Disadvantages of this proposed treatment

This treatment does not provide any improvements for pedestrians within the current width of the road.

Yarra Council will investigate the possibility of widening the road reserve in the future should this ever become an option, however this is outside of the scope for this road safety study.


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