The key issues this proposed treatment addresses are:

  • Managing the high number of conflicting turning movements at the intersection.
  • Pedestrian safety when crossing Roseneath Street.

What is the proposed treatment?

We are proposing to:

  • Install a raised pedestrian crossing on the south approach from Gray Street.
  • Install a zebra crossing on Roseneath Street on the western side of the intersection.
  • Install road humps on Roseneath Street on east and west sides of the intersection to slow traffic.

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Benefits of this proposed treatment

The benefits of this proposal are:

  • The intersection would be safer for pedestrians, with pedestrians having priority when crossing Roseneath Street.
  • Vehicle speeds would be slower through the intersection, making it safer.
  • Improving the visibility between all road users.

Disadvantages of this proposed treatment

This treatment would result in the loss of 2 car parking spaces on Roseneath Street.


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