The proposed changes address two issues at this intersection:

  • Crashes involving cyclists travelling from Yambla Street.
  • Vehicles failing to comply with the stop sign on Yambla Street.

What is the proposed treatment?

We are proposing to:

  • Add green pavement to more clearly mark the bike lane, and widen the bike cut-through from Yambla street.
  • Extend the existing curb to reinforce the stop sign.
  • Install a road hump on the east approach on Ramsden Street to slow traffic.
  • We could install a low height garden bed to help ensure there is clear space, which will improve lines of sight.

Click on the spots below to see the proposed changes. You can also expand the image to view it in full screen.

Birds eye view of the intersection of Ramsden and Yambla streets

Benefits of this proposed treatment

The proposed treatment would reduce the likelihood of collisions between road users, and improve the safety of the intersection.

Disadvantages of this proposed treatment

No significant change is proposed to existing conditions other than improving visibility and negotiating the intersection at lower speed.


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