The proposed treatment for this intersection addresses a number of issues:

  • Managing the high number of conflicting turning movements at the intersection.
  • Safety issues for pedestrians and bikes crossing the intersection.
  • There is a significant lack of compliance with the stop sign on Trenerry Crescent.
  • It is unclear who has priority at the intersection.
  • There are inadequate provisions for cyclists at the intersection.

What is the proposed treatment?

The proposed treatment includes:

  • Changing the intersection priority to Noone Street through to Trenerry Crescent, creating a T intersection.
  • Installing raised bike/pedestrian crossing on the north side of the intersection (Gray Street) with a give way sign and line marking.
  • Install bike/pedestrian crossing on the west side of the intersection (Noone Street).
  • Removal of pedestrian connection path on the east side of the intersection (Trenerry Crescent), to encourage pedestrians to cross on Noone or Gray streets.
  • Changes to pathway to help improve the connection between the Merri Creek Trail, Trenerry Crescent and Gray Street.
  • Improve intersection delineation with line marking.
  • Road humps on Noone Street and Trenerry Crescent approaching the intersection.

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Birds eye view of intersection of Noone Street, Gray Street and Trenerry Crescent

Alternative option

There is also an additional treatment option that would make changes to the Alexandra Parade approach on the southern side of the intersection.

This proposes reversing the traffic flow on this street, to create an entry to Alexandra Parade rather than an exit.

You can see what this would like below:

Birds eye view of intersection of Noone Street, Gray Street and Trenerry Crescent

Benefits of the proposed treatments

Benefits of the proposed treatments include:

  • It will improve safety for cyclists and pedestrians.
  • The intersection priority will be made clearer.
  • Improved cyclists experience through better connections.


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