This consultation is closed.

In December 2020, we asked for your feedback on the current playground at Citizens Park, and what you would like to see in the future. We then asked for your feedback on a proposed design in April/May 2021.

Thank you to everyone who shared their feedback and ideas throughout this process. Your ideas have helped us finalise the playground design.

What did we need to consider in the design?

Along with your feedback, some of the other things we needed to consider when creating a design for the playground were:

  • The budget we have available for the upgrade. While we do have budget for some custom features in the playground, we are not able to do everything. For example, we are unable to include water play in the design.
  • We will not be able to change other parts of Citizen’s Park, such as the oval or public toilets as part of this project.
  • We need to retain the existing trees around the playground which are of heritage significance, and ensure that play equipment does not interfere with the root networks. This limits the options we have for the layout of the playground.

What you told us

When we first spoke to you in November 2020, you told us that you favourite things about the playground were the:

  • park setting and shady trees
  • distinct play zones for smaller and older children
  • picnic tables and seating

Your top ideas for improving the playground and equipment were:

  • Introduce more challenging equipment for older children
  • Retain swings and slides
  • Provide some customisation with a natural theme

We then shared a proposed design for the playground. You told us:

  • Generally, most respondents were happy with the design.
  • Some respondents thought the design should include extra swings.
  • Some respondents thought the design should include monkey bars.
  • Some of the feedback we received was about extending the fencing around the playground area.

Final playground design

Based on your feedback, we have made these changes to the proposed design:

  • We have added another swing.
  • A 2.4m high monkey bar has been added. This will replace a small section of the junior/intermediate play unit.
  • A turnover bar has been added in the junior area.
  • Some play items have been moved to other parts of the park to accommodate these changes.
  • We will be extending the fence along Highett and Church Street, which will then return into the park as far as the path around the oval.

See the final design for the playground upgrade.