Thank you for your feedback.

This consultation closed at 9am on Monday 25 March. We are currently reviewing your feedback on the options for new play equipment at Cambridge Street Reserve. Your feedback will help inform recommendations back to Council for a final decision.

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Yarra City Council is dedicated to creating more beautiful and accessible open spaces across our city.

This is especially important for Collingwood that has the least open space of all Yarra's suburbs. With only 0.3% of the space being green, open space there are less places for people to enjoy fresh air and sunlight, and for children to play.

With this in mind, we set to work creating Collingwood's biggest park by expanding Cambridge Street Reserve in 2023. When we originally consulted with the community on the expansion of the reserve, the majority wanted more open space for people to gather, relax and connect with nature.

After the park opened in October 2023, we received feedback from community members that were interested in seeing more traditional play opportunities for young children reintroduced to the park.

At the Council Meeting on 13 February, Council resolved to consult with community on options for additional play equipment and other play elements. This consultation ran from Wednesday 21 February to 9am on Monday 25 March.

The feedback from the consultation will help inform recommendations back to Council for a final decision.

What is Council considering?