Inviting community participation November 2021

Working in partnership with community to identify priorities, will allow Council to make important financial decisions, balance current and future needs, while also ensuring Yarra is financially sustainable well into the future.

Our current economic landscape does present additional and new challenges. We recognise today the need for a strong focus on sustainability, both in terms of our fiscal responsibilities and the types of infrastructure we are delivering.

The past 19 months has challenged all tiers of Government in ways we never thought possible. At this point in time we recognise that in order to continue to deliver core services, while also addressing current and future priorities we will need to be open to exploring alternative funding streams. We also need to be realistic about what we can responsibly deliver in this current economic landscape.

The community's vision

Earlier this year, extensive outreach and a four week representative panel delivered our first ever long term Community Vision, for a Yarra that is:

Achieving the community's long term vision

The eight themes and 30 priorities in the vision guide all of our long term planning and financial management including our next four-year Council Plan. Read more about the community vision.

Our Four-Year Plan

The 2021-25 Council Plan outlines our programs, initiatives and objectives that we report against annually.

Now we ask for your priorities for the next financial year as we begin to deliver on that plan and its objectives:
Yarra urgently mitigates climate change while also adapting to its impacts and developing resilience in everything we do. The community, business and industry are supported and encouraged to do the same.
Yarra’s people have equitable access and opportunities to participate in community life. They are empowered, safe and included
Yarra’s neighbourhoods and major activity centres, nightlife and employment precincts are thriving, accessible and connected. They support and inspire diverse creative communities, cultural activities, businesses, and local employment
Yarra’s public places, streets and green open spaces bring our community together. They are planned to manage growth, protect our unique character and focus on people and nature.
Yarra’s transport network is sustainable and recognises that streets are important shared public spaces. Transport and movement is accessible, safe and well connected.

Yarra is smart, innovative and sustainable. Our decisions and advocacy are built on evidence and meaningful engagement. Good governance is at the heart of our processes and decision-making.

Share your input by Friday 10 December 2021 here online or come and talk to us at one of our community pop up events (*Covid restrictions pending) at:

  • Saturday 20 November, 10am to 1pm - Gleadell Street Market, Richmond
  • Saturday 27 November, 8am to 1pm - Abbotsford Convent Farmers Market, St Hellier's Street, Abbotsford
  • Wednesday 1 December 3:30pm to 6:30pm - Curtain Square, Rathdowne Street, Carlton North

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