In April and May 2019 we spoke to the sporting clubs, community groups, local residents and others who use the Brunswick Street Oval facilities.

You told us you want to see this much-loved corner of Edinburgh Gardens enhanced and updated, whilst maintaining its heritage.

  • 99 people provided feedback online
  • 15 people attended a pop up consultation session at the community room

The largest group of respondents to the survey identified themselves as being local residents or having an interested in the Edinburgh Gardens.

70% of respondents stated they had used the community room.

What you like about the Brunswick Street Oval facilities:

  • History of the gardens, Grandstand and ground
  • Heritage architecture
  • Visual aesthetic of the Grandstand and Oval
  • Links with Fitzroy Football Club
  • Variety of sports the facilities cover
  • Leafy surroundings, trees, setting
  • Views to the city
  • Community vibe and feel
  • Accessibility (kicking the footy, walking the dog, teaching kids to ride their bikes)
  • Location
  • Strong sense of community
  • Low cost place for community groups to hire
  • Collegiate nature of the sporting clubs

You told us you wanted to see the following improvements:

  • Changing rooms upgraded for female participation in sporting codes
  • More water fountains with taps for bottle refill, seating, more recycle/rubbish bins
  • Improved pathways
  • Upgrade community facilities, enable people outside sports clubs to use the precinct
  • Space where people of all ages and diversity can meet
  • Public toilets (24/7 access)
  • BBQ and playground near the community room, picnic benches
  • Oval fenced off for off-lead dog walking
  • Gym / exercise station
  • Rough sleepers moved on
  • Synthetic turf to courts
  • En-Tout-Cas courts
  • Community room that opens to the gardens
  • Netball courts
  • More trees
  • Café
  • Bike parking
  • Remove cars
  • Remove car and pedestrian conflicts
  • Upgraded kitchen facilities
  • Additional tennis courts
  • More artwork
  • Deck chairs (e.g. Federation Square)
  • Better lighting, safer environment at night
  • Better integrated with Bowls Club
  • Decent club room, better kiosk/canteen
  • Better seating options around oval
  • More/better signage
  • No change – like them as they are
  • Better acoustics in community room
  • Elevated viewing area
  • More storage for sporting clubs
  • More storage for community group users
  • A place to feel at home for sporting clubs
  • More parking, short stay parking
  • Disability access
  • Solar panels
  • Outdoor power points
  • More cover for rainy days