Image: Draft concept drawing of the tennis pavilion. We are proposing to rebuild the pavilion, incorporating the original heritage pavilion as the entrance. This is an indicative drawing only.

About the tennis facilities and club

The the Brunswick Street Oval precinct is home to the Fitzroy Tennis Club.

Fitzroy Tennis Club was recognised by Tennis Victoria as one of the top 50 Clubs in the state in 2018/19 (coming it at ninth overall). This ranking is based on the number of players registered by affiliated clubs and the number of casual hire visits at the venue receives

The tennis courts are also available to the community for casual bookings.

What is being proposed for the tennis courts?

The current facilities include 6 courts as well as a small heritage pavilion. The tennis courts do not meet the requirements for disability access, nor do they meet the minimum Tennis Australia standards for 'Club' level courts.

Under the proposed concept plan, the tennis court area will be extended to the north and west to allow for the addition of 2 extra courts (bring the total number of courts to 8) and all courts would be upgraded to meet disability access and Tennis Australia standards.

Why do we need more tennis courts?

The demand for tennis courts in Yarra far outweighs the supply.

Yarra is home to 1531 registered tennis players. 835 (54.5%) of these are registered participants at Clifton Hill Tennis Club/Mayors Park Tennis Centre and Fitzroy Tennis Club. The remaining 696 (45.5%) have to leave the City of Yarra to play tennis at other affiliated tennis venues around Melbourne and Victoria.

The ideal ratio for tennis courts per head of population is 1 court : 2,000 head of population.

To adequately cater for tennis, there should be 47 tennis courts in Yarra. However, we currently only have 18 tennis courts. This is well below the ideal number, with the ratio of courts per head of population currently sitting at 1 : 5,222 (almost double the recommended provision). The impact being, 46% of residents participating in tennis have to leave the municipality to do so.

Fitzroy Tennis Club is struggling to service their current membership due to the number of courts available. Additional courts that meet disability access and Tennis Australia standards will enable a broader program of coaching and playing, recreation and competition for people of all abilities.

Why can’t the tennis court area be extended to the east?

It is not possible to extend the tennis courts and facilities to the east of the existing courts due to the presence of significant city-wide infrastructure that is located underground (the M41 water mains and a major gas supply main) and the planned further development of the Edinburgh Gardens Stormwater Harvesting Scheme by Yarra City Council and Melbourne Water.

Is the tennis pavilion being upgraded or replaced?

Yes, we are proposing to rebuild the tennis pavilion, incorporating the original heritage pavilion as the entrance to the new pavilion.

The current tennis pavilion and change rooms are a combination of an early timber pavilion (pre-1901) relocated to its current location, and a 1950s toilet block with alterations and additions dating from the 1980s. These are the latest in a series of structures that have served the tennis club since its establishment in 1888 on this site.

The current club room facilities are dated, do not provide sufficient amenity to meet the current membership size, coaching and competition program, and are not access for people with disability.