To accommodate the new sports pavilion, tennis and community facilities and expanded tennis courts, we are proposing some changes to the landscape surrounding the grandstand and community room.

Currently the outdoor area to the north of the grandstand and community room is used for car parking and waste storage. The space is not well utilised or particularly pleasant. There is significant opportunity to improve this area to create an attractive and usable outdoor garden space.

Roads and access

A critical issue identified by the community during the first phase of consultation was the safety of pedestrian and cyclists, and potential for accidents with cars accessing the site.

It is proposed to retain some car parking to allow for delivery, drop-off and disability access spaces.

Proposed changes include:

  • The space behind the grandstand will be landscaped to create a pedestrian zone between the grandstand and the tennis pavilion and community rooms. The water tanks will be moved underground, and car parking will be reduced. There will still be access for community buses, maintenance or delivery vehicles and accessibility parking.
  • The single driveway at the back of the bowling club will be turned into an entry and exit driveway. This will allow access to new accessibility parking bays and for maintenance or delivery vehicles.
  • Bike hoops will be installed for cyclists.

Trees and planting

The expansion of the Brunswick Street Oval sporting and community facilities is a significant, long term improvement and investment in the Brunswick Street Oval sporting and surrounding gardens.

This does mean that we would need to remove some trees in order to make the proposed upgrades. The proposed upgrades have been placed as efficiently as possible to minimise tree removals. Other areas around the facilities and oval have been identified for tree planting to offset the removals, which would increase the tree canopy and number of trees in the area overall.

New planting behind the proposed sporting pavilion and around the oval will be designed to extend the avenue of trees along Brunswick Street into the park.

You can click on the images below to view detailed plans for tree planting and removals in full screen.

Other landscape features

  • A new informal bocce court will be included in the landscaping to the north of the grandstand.
  • The area in front of the grandstand will be landscaped with new seating and improved paths for access to the oval.
  • The area in front of the proposed new pavilion will include seating and pedestrian footpaths, which will be accessibility compliant.
  • As part of the upgrades we would improve lighting around the new facilities.
  • 'Hipster Hill' will remain unchanged.
  • The proposed new sports pavilion will be set into an existing mound on the north-western side of the oval. This will reduce the visual impact of the building on the landscape, and provide an acoustic barrier as well as energy efficiency benefits for the building.