About the grandstand

The Fitzroy Football Club Grandstand was built in 1888, and has been home to cricket and football clubs ever since.

Over the years, it has been progressively altered and adapted to suit the changing needs of the clubs and community that use it.

Restoring and enhancing the grandstand, including renovating the club rooms and facilities underneath, is a key part of the proposed plans.

What changes will be made in the upgrade of the grandstand?

There will now be minimal changes to the outside of the grandstand in the upgrade, in response to advice from Heritage Victoria.

The proposed grandstand upgrades will include:

  • The existing community room will be removed. A new sports pavilion with community facilities is proposed as part of the new design.
  • Significant club storage.
  • A merchandise counter and store.
  • Public toilets will be installed at the eastern end of the building.
  • New stairs at the front of the building, to ensure safety compliance.
  • A lightweight gate and fence at the top of the stairs is proposed, to prevent access and deter vandalism.
  • The forecourt in front of the grandstand will be upgraded, to increase seating and improve access to the oval.

How will the grandstand's heritage be protected?

The grandstand is subject to heritage listing requirements, so minimal changes will be made to the outside of the building.

The upgrade will include a repaint to match heritage colours.