Thanks to everybody who contributed we heard some great feedback.

We heard that overwhelmingly people supported the proposal. The most popular elements of the design included the use of natural materials (timber) and the fact that there will be more play opportunities for older children.

We've also tweaked the design in response to your suggestions that a toddler swing and a regular swing would provide more options than the basket swing.

Some feedback we are unable to address at this stage as it falls outside the scope and budget of this project.

The design of the new playground at Brown’s Reserve in Abbotsford.

The proposed new playground unit still offers a range of play options suitable for children aged from 3 years to older children.

Features of the proposed new playground unit:

  • A multi-functional tower set suitable for kids of all ages
  • Two slides (one large and one small)
  • A firefighter’s pole
  • A kiosk window and play wall
  • A climbing frame with bouldering grips, rungs, rings, trapeze and a horizontal climbing net
  • two swing options toddler and regular (new following community feedback)

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