This consultation is closed. Thank you to everyone who provided feedback on the concept design for the new playground.

Bigger and better

We've had the opportunity to design an even better new playground for Alphington Park.

Recently, new external funding opportunities became available to us, meaning we can create a new and improved design for the playground. This design also considers your feedback from consultation in March 2020.

We're excited to share this with you, as the previous design was limited by the budget available for this project. We want to make sure we get the best possible outcome for Alphington Park.

What we heard

We heard from 45 people during the final stage of consultation in April 2021.

Overall, most people were very supportive of the design. But you told us that shade was a must at the park, and that we should consider different types of fixtures.

To respond to your feedback, we will include a form of artificial shade in the final playground design, to provide protection for users. We’ll also consider new tree planting to provide more natural shade in the long term. Finally, alternative fixtures will be explored and integrated into the final design where possible.

Next steps

We’ve finalised our design based on your feedback. Construction is now complete.

What's in the design?

  • A double swing set with a single swing and 'expression' swing seat - allowing parents and infants to swing together.
  • A softball rubber surface to provide easy access to all play items.
  • A sand pit with rock edging and some carved boulders.
  • A multi-play tower with tiered platforms, climbing features, a variety of slides and monkey bars.
  • An accessible spinner with easy access for all abilities.
  • A high basket swing on a single pivot - spinning and swinging.
  • A shade sail over the play structure. The surrounding mature trees will also provide shade to the play area.

This final stage of consultation ended 5pm Wednesday 7 April 2021.

Interactive plan

Check out the features of the new design by clicking on the pulsing dots.