In late-2019 we asked for your ideas and feedback on the playground at Alphington Park. We then shared a draft of the design for further feedback earlier this year.

What you told us

In 2019, we heard that you'd like to see:

  • more climbing elements and exciting play opportunities
  • retention of swings and slides
  • inclusion of a sandpit
  • more natural play.

We then shared a draft playground for further feedback in February/March 2020. Most of the people who commented on the draft design supported the proposal. Some of the most common feedback we received was:

  • Include more swings in the playground
  • Add shade sails over the playground
  • There was concern that the sandpit might attract cat litter
  • More seating is needed for older people and carers
  • Some people also suggested a more innovative custom designed unit

The original design was tweaked to respond to most of this feedback, and work on the playground upgrade was scheduled to begin this year.

Project update September 2020

In recent months, new external funding opportunities have become available.

We have decided to hold off on the playground construction while we investigate this funding further. The previous design was limited by the budget available for this project, and we want to make sure we get the best outcome possible for Alphington Park.

If we are able to secure more funding, we will get back in touch with the design for the playground and any changes we make.

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