We're upgrading the Yambla Pavilion to provide an inclusive community sporting facility, improved amenities and better public access to the park.

What we've heard so far

Over the past few months we have done targeted consultation with key stakeholders, including the tenant sporting clubs at Quarries Park.

The feedback period ended at 5pm Friday 17 September. We are currently considering your feedback on the design. Your contributions will tell us if we've got it right, or if further changes are needed.

Proposed design for an upgraded pavilion

Here is an image of the proposed design.

View more images of the concept design.

View the landscape plan.

What benefits does the new design offer?

The upgrade will provide park users and sporting clubs with improved facilities, including:

  • four unisex change rooms
  • a new kiosk
  • club storage
  • new social space
  • match day / public toilets

Sustainable design

The design is in line with Yarra's sustainability policy. We're aiming for the building to achieve a 6-star green star equivalent rating. This includes:

  • solar panels
  • water harvesting for use in the onsite toilets.
  • higher than average insulation for the new roof
  • 6-star WELS rated fittings for energy and water efficiencies.
  • increase to number of bike racks on site.

We're mindful of the impact on park users

Currently there is a small, busy vehicle area which also has combined pedestrian access. This area becomes particularly busy during junior game and training times.

It was determined that only disability access (DDA) carparking, deliveries and emergency vehicles will be allowed access into the park at this point. This aims to eliminate the danger of sporting participants and vehicles being in the same area.

A drop off zone will be created during match times and training days on Ramsden Street, immediately adjacent to the current drive.

Universal accessibility to the club house will be achieved by the creation of a path from Yambla Street to the pavilion across the back of the pitch. This path will then connect to the path to the playground in the north.