This consultation is closed.

Upgrades to Wangaratta Park are now complete.

You can find out more about the Wall of Music mural and the Molly Meldrum statue on the Yarra Arts website.

Project Background

Following two rounds of community consultation in 2017, we have developed the final design for the Wangaratta Street Park upgrade.

During the consultation phases in early and late 2017, we received ideas and feedback from local residents, businesses and park users, which we have used to develop the final design.

The upgrade includes:

  • New drinking fountain
  • Installation of raised garden beds
  • Additional and refurbished seating
  • Removal of 3 small trees
  • New permeable paving
  • New grassed area
  • New artwork on the railway wall
  • The installation of a statue of Molly Meldrum in early August

In early 2017, we asked the community to share their ideas for making Wangaratta Street Park a more enjoyable place to spend time.

We received around 100 responses and held a workshop to develop a design concept in collaboration with the local community.

During the consultation, we heard that people support:

  • Grassy areas in the park
  • More comfortable seating
  • Expanding the size of the park.

Following these consultations, we discovered some constraints with expanding the size of the park. Specifically, we learned that while Council is responsible for managing the park, the land itself is owned by VicTrack. Any plans to expand the park will require negotiation with VicTrack and could take some time to achieve.

After consideration of these responses we sought community feedback in November and December 2017 to develop a plan to upgrade the park.

The plan included ideas from previous community feedback such as:

  • Providing a grassy area
  • Providing some extra seating
  • Introducing some new paving and raised garden beds to reduce the amount of asphalt surface

Additionally, Council was approached by a group of people who have provided funding for the production of a life-sized bronze statue of local resident and entertainment icon Molly Meldrum. The statue is being offered as a gift to the people of Yarra and its installation was included in the proposed design for the park.